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5 useful apps for drivers

Bypass potholes, earn on hitchhikers, project the road on your windshield with apps for drivers

On long trips, travels and just on the way to work, motorists may find it useful to use special apps for drivers. They will help to navigate in an unfamiliar area, find fellow travelers, find and visit the most interesting sights in Ukraine.

Best apps for motorists

UGV Driver Assistant

UGV Driver Assistant

Appendix UGV Driver Assistant contains many modules that are useful for drivers.

  • works as a video recorder;
  • warns of road signs;
  • alerts you when you exceed the allowable speed;
  • defines the edge of the road;
  • beeps if the driver closes his eyes for more than 1 second;
  • prevents the driver from being distracted by phone calls;
  • records video in Full HD 1080p.

Using such an app for drivers is not difficult at all. Download it absolutely free from iTunes. You can thank the developers with one of the fixed sums offered, if you like. Install UGV Driver Assistant to your iPhone and start mastering.

  • The smartphone should be securely mounted in the holder on the windshield or dashboard so that the rear camera is clearly in the middle.
  • Open the application and make all the necessary settings.
  • Set the width of your car and the height of the camera location.
  • Press the record button, and more options will open up for you.

It is controlled with just a few buttons

  • View video recordings. This is where all your recordings from the recorder are stored.
  • Speed control. Possible when GPS and Internet are enabled.
  • Distance control. Shows the distance to an obstacle in dynamics.
  • Control of the road. Alerts you to deviations from markings.
  • Road signs. By clicking on it you activate the recognition of the signs that you will meet on the road.
  • Sound alerts. You can turn them on or off manually.

UGV Driver Assistant - a real assistant to the driver in a difficult situation on the road. The app also has such an important function as accident prevention. You can be extremely focused on the road without being distracted by searching for and recognizing signs in a foreign city, for example.



This application for drivers is developed by Ukrainian specialists and is designed for the domestic market. Autogram is a messenger for motorists, which helps to contact the driver by his car number. It can come in handy in emergency situations when you need to urgently call to the car of its owner.

In what situations can be useful application for drivers Autogram

  • If you notice a broken window or signs of a burglary in a nearby car;
  • saw things being or having been stolen from the cabin;
  • Witnessed an unauthorized break-in or attempted theft of a car;
  • you have to "park" someone else's car because there are no spaces available, and you want to warn the owner about it;
  • the driver forgot to turn off the headlights or left the lights on in the cabin and you want to save his battery;
  • noticed a dog languishing from the heat, locked in the car and want to call the owner to release the poor animal;
  • You observe an unpleasant picture for any car owner - an evacuation, and you want to reduce the shock of the car owner by warning him beforehand;
  • want to know where the owner bought such cool rims.

Get started with the app Autogram from the regular registration: enter your mobile number and car number. Personal information about you, i.e. your phone number, will not be visible to other users. Even if you get rude and offensive messages from people who are unhappy with your parking skills, you can easily blacklist them. For emergency communication, use the template message feature, which will be delivered directly to the owner's phone rather than to the app. This way, you won't have to wait for him to go to Autogram and view your message.

Advice to the developers: conclude an agreement with car dealerships and car services, which could offer to install this application to each of their clients, so a huge base of car enthusiasts would be created quickly enough, and their problems, disputes and issues would be solved many times faster and without radical methods - punctured tires, garbage under the windshield, scratches on the bodywork.

The idea of creating such an application is great, but the question of its implementation and distribution remains debatable.



It is no secret that the quality of Ukrainian roads leaves much to be desired, to put it mildly. To put it bluntly, the Ukrainian people have long been fed up with this problem. Many get into accidents while driving around craters and ravines on the roadway, some sue the ukravtodor, and some patch up the roads that lead to their house on their own. Khmelnitsky IT workers were not left out of this. They created an application that is simply indispensable for car owners. UaRoads with a map of all roads in Ukraine. But this map is not simple, but golden! Each road is colored in a certain color, which indicates its condition:

  • Red - everything is deplorable, it can not be worse, the road after the Apocalypse.
  • Yellow is a normal condition, but it does not mean that you can drive relaxed on the road. Surprises happen on our roads. And this condition indicates only that on the road surface you will not encounter cliffs, wells and unfolded earth.
  • Green is a good condition. But such a notion for Ukrainian roads should be interpreted in its own way: the pavement is undulating, not too bumpy, the potholes are patched, but not all of them.

With the UaRoads app you can:

  • Build a route before your trip, bypassing off-roading.
  • Collect data on the quality of roads, automatically recording potholes. To do this, you need to open the Statistics tab and click on the "Start recording" button. The application will recognize potholes while your car is moving by the shaking force.

Don't forget to turn on geolocation for the app to work properly. First login to UaRoads is carried out after registration.

Hudway Go: Navigator with HUD

Hudway Go: Navigator with HUD

Hudway Go - A city app for motorists, or a navigator customized for use in the city. Many drivers who have managed to try out the app consider such a simple idea to be simply genius. And why? Because the projection of the road is displayed on the windshield. Thanks to such an implementation, the driver is not distracted by a smartphone attached somewhere to the side and does not take his eyes off the road.

Hudway Go Features

  • Helps you keep track of the speed allowed on a particular section of road.
  • Calculates the path to a given point.
  • Determines the fuel consumption of the trip.
  • Once you choose a route, you can share it on social networks.
  • There is an opportunity to explore trails laid out by friends.
  • Shows alternative routes.
  • Rebuilds the route if you take a wrong turn.
  • You won't need the Internet if you've started on the route you've laid out.
  • Works in two modes: the usual navigator with a map and projection on the windshield.
  • With voice navigation, you'll receive important notifications and prompts.

Disadvantages of Hudway Go

  • The projection of the road in clear weather will be poorly visible on the windshield, so you have to install your smartphone in the holder.
  • Smartphone can slip on the surface of the torpedo, so you need to use special anti-slip mats and other devices.
  • The application quickly drains the phone battery because it runs in the background. That's why you should always make sure that it is closed correctly and not just minimized.


BlaBlaCar - Trusted Carpooling

People who like to travel around the country and people who often go on business trips, have long appreciated all the charms BlaBlaCar. This application has become widespread and accepted by car enthusiasts. BlaBlaCar is a great help to both passengers and drivers. Its developers, we can say, have invented a wonderful alternative to public intercity transport.

Advantages of BlaBlaCar over other modes of transportation

  • The trip will be cheaper, since the cost of gasoline is shared by all travel companions.
  • You can avoid transfers and get to your destination by the shortest route.
  • A reliable driver is always a proven person with a high rating and good reviews from real fellow travelers.

How to use the BlaBlaCar app

  • Install the app on your iPhone.
  • Sign up via email or Facebook.
  • Enter your phone number and confirm it with the code in the sms.
  • Then select "Request" or "Know a trip".
  • If you go somewhere with your car and want to take passengers, making your trip more interesting and cheaper, determine your location. You can do this automatically with geolocation. Set your final destination and intermediate destinations, set the date and time of departure. Specify the number of passengers you are ready to take on board. Set the price. In the "Current" tab you'll see the trip you've suggested. Wait for calls or reservations. See the rating of passengers and be vigilant. Add information about yourself, your car, driving experience, and travel rules with you.
  • If you act as a passenger, look for the best deals for you by indicating the place of departure and destination, time and date. Choose the best option and travel quickly and comfortably.

Of all the apps for drivers described above, choose the most useful and necessary for you and use them wisely. If you think all of them are useful, then clear more space in your smartphone.

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