5 best iOS apps with recipes

The mobile app revolution leaves no area of life untouched, including the kitchen. So here's our list of the top 5 cooking apps.\r\n

It doesn't take a genius to realize that a good tablet and a handy app will be able to help amateur and professional cooks find and create recipes, menus and food calendars, control shopping lists, and become an essential digital cookbook.So, our list of the 5 best apps with cooking recipes.1. SideChef: Step-by-step cookingrecipe appsAs the name suggests, the emphasis of this app is on step-by-step cooking.Sidechef provides step-by-step instructions, complete with photos, videos, and even voice prompts. In addition, the app provides a big dose of extra content in the form of search tools with filters on ingredients, diets, diverse cuisines, popular recipes, and so on.2. Yummly Recipesrecipe appsInstead of wading through mountains of recipes to find one worthwhile - just install Yummly. You can save your favorite recipes, create shopping lists and order from them online.The app takes into account your dietary restrictions and tastes to suggest that you make something you're sure to like. Based on the 5 recipes you select, Yummly continually improves the list that opens each time you use the app.3. Tender - Food and Recipes3A fun app for quickly finding and saving recipes that intrigue you to the memory of your iPhone. The user creates an account or registers via Facebook and the app provides him with many images of a variety of dishes from different sites. With one swipe, you can save a favorite recipe in your cookbook and use it at any time.4. Kitchen Stories2The app provides a huge number of different recipes, with instructions that are easy to follow, colorful videos and mouth-watering photos interspersed with a small number of articles about food and lifestyle. You can save your favorite recipes, add notes to each one and create your own shopping list.5. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner4Allrecipes Dinner Spinner allows users to find only the type of recipe they need. It's like they're fishing it out with a spinner, all you have to do is choose the ingredients, the type of dish and the cooking time. For example: pork - main dish - 45 minutes - and a photo list of almost a thousand recipes on your screen.Bon appetit!

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