5 factors that contributed to the failure of Diablo: Immortal

5 factors that contributed to the failure of Diablo: Immortal

Reaction to the presentation of Diablo: Immortal: failure or did we get it wrong? Let's try to figure it out in this article.

Scandal surrounding the release of Diablo: Immortal has not subsided. Fans continue to write their negative feedback, leave harsh comments and post indignant posts. They've been waiting for Diablo IV, or at least a remastered version of the game. And they got a slap - Diablo: Immortal 2018 - a silly and similar to millions of other mobile "clicker" games. Sharp and merciless criticism was subjected to such a novelty in narrow gamer circles for a reason. Diablo: Immortal is considered a failure for several reasons, which will be discussed below.

Diablo: Immortal

5 factors that contributed to the failure of Diablo: Immortal

  1. Time. The developers left their users without any information about the release of new products for too long. Fans were in the dark about the upcoming changes. That's why they began to think about the release of Diablo IV, hope for it and wait.
  2. Alternative. That's exactly what Blizzard was missing during the presentation. There would have been much less negativity if fans had heard a small announcement about an upcoming major update, the release of a new universe series, or seen a simple teaser. Their attention would have dissipated to this news as well. And, accordingly, the attacks on the Diablo: Immortal mobile game would have decreased.
  3. Partners. The development of Diablo: Immortal was entrusted to Chinese partner NetEase. This company specializes in the release of games of mobile format. Fans from this fact were also, to put it mildly, not happy. Now they doubted Blizzard's ability to act and create on their own.
  4. Format. It was this factor that caused the main reaction. Gamers accustomed to the meticulously detailed computer games, extensive opportunities within the game, high-quality realistic graphics, consider games on small smartphone screens with their limited functionality a useless product.
  5. Submission. Blizzard was also let down. Haters were outraged by the insincerity of the developers on the main stage during the presentation. The significance and "uniqueness" of the new project was clearly exaggerated. You could see with the naked eye that Diablo: Immortal is a remake of Endless of Gods mobile game from NetEase. And most games of this format are like twin brothers.

Compare the Diablo: Immortal and Endless of Gods gameplay trailers and find 10 differences.

Diablo: Immortal gameplay


Endless of Gods gameplay

Diablo: Immortal from the Other Side

Despite the fact that there are so many similar games in the Apple Store and Google Play, this niche does not cease to fill up. And statistics show that the format of mobile games is gaining popularity.

The hour is near when they will completely displace PC and console games. By 2021 NewZoo predicts that mobile game revenues will be 60% of all mobile industry revenues. So Blizzard's strategy is absolutely clear and justified. Not only that, Diablo: Immortal is not aimed at European consumer. And this can also be explained. Half of the amount received for the year from the sale of games, accounts for the Asian market. Statistics is an exact science. Blizzard has trusted it and made a calculated move. A smart commercial move.

This is what hurt the admirers of Blizzard, a company with an impeccable name, the most. It earned it through the release of the beloved and revered Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. It is being vilified with Diablo: Immortal.

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