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35 Telegram channels to subscribe to

Telegram is the new black. 30 channels to subscribe to. I've started scrolling through my Facebook feed much less frequently. 1-2 interesting posts out of 10 is the maximum for fb. Telegram is different - I know what I am subscribed to, and the authors of the channels value my time. There are no likes and sharers in it. Don't post cats, scandals, and other potentially viral content - it won't help you gain more coverage and get new subscribers. But getting unsubscribes is very difficult. In Telegram itself, there is simply no channel search. If you can't remember its url or don't know where to find the link, that's it. It contains only the best selections you've chosen, only the best Telegram channels.

Statistics of the most popular Telegram channels

I am subscribed to >40 channels. More is already physically difficult. Below are the most interesting of them all. I recommend all of them terribly. I mark the authors, because the country should know its heroes and subscribe to their profiles and on fb (and for this post to get more coverage, of course).

I recommend it. More 8 channels about running and triathlons in Russian and 14 channels for entrepreneurs From Denis Dovgopolopolo

Telegram channels about texts/media/journalism/news/tech/pop culture

  1. @abbsol - Pavel Fedorov on how to write. He also runs the blog channel "Netology" (@netologyblog). Also a good one.
  2. @theIdealist - translations of English-language articles. The articles are good, but if you know English, it is better to read in the original.
  3. @meduzalive - Medusa has several channels, but I like this one best. Each news item has a short lead commentary. So that you don't have to read the news afterwards.
  4. @themedia - The channel of the "Us and Jo" project, which Alexander Amzin created. Alexander also wrote an excellent book, "Internet News Journalism," which he once mailed to me. Alexander, thank you again!
  5. @thedailyprophet - The channel of former Afisha editor-in-chief Alexander Gorbachev. I reread every post several times. Alexander retells masterpieces of English-language journalism, writes about movies and books. I bang my head against the keyboard because there is no time to read everything.
  6. @bestarticles - one of the most popular channels in the Russian segment. Selections of the best Russian-language articles from Mikhail Kafanov. His interests on 95% coincide with mine. I am beating my head against the keyboard, because there is no time to read everything.
  7. @clickordie - Pavel Gorodnitsky Channel, creator of click-or-die.ru. He writes about all kinds of things - rap battles, Euro 2016, media, technology, gifs he posts. He often writes about SM on Telegram. It was an interview on his blog that got me interested in the channel.
  8. @ndrgrnd - a new distinctive channel about harsh realities. The author speaks about politics and life without any shyness of expression or restrictions on censorship. There are some good posts.
  9. addmeto - links about the tech with the sub lines. All valuable channels are like this. Grigory Bakunov runs them.
  10. @sobolevmusic - Oleg Sobolev's channel about music. He hasn't written for a long time, but it's worth rereading the earlier ones.
  11. @forevernotes - Saprykin channel, you should read simply because it is Saprykin.
  12. @culture_crab - I had already forgotten about him, he was silent for over a month, and then he broke out a great post about the matriarchy in Game of Thrones. The channel is hosted by Georgi Birger.
  13. @techsparks - annotated links to news about hitech. Andrey Sebrant is the host.
  14. @americanelections2016 - if you follow American politics as much as I do. Pavel Demidov is the host.
  15. @grishaprorokov - Grisha Prophet's channel. He also has an awesome podcast, Blitz and Chips.
  16. @russica - Mikhail Zygar's NOT channel. About Russian politics. Wildly interesting. I have not yet found out who is the host.
  17. @megabitch - Anastasia Krasilnikova's channel (Afisha Daily) about sexism in the Russian media (there's hell in the Russian media)
  18. @brodetsky - Andrei Brodetsky's channel, from Apparat. In a little while, this channel will get more views than the whole site.
  19. @stalin_gulag - the same Stalingulag not limited to 140 characters of Twitter. The most popular channel in this selection (~120,000).
  20. @sinod - Yuri Sinodov's channel. He writes rarely, but very well.
  21. @sergeykorol - Sergey Korol's channel. He has subscribed to the paid (!) newsletter more than 500 people. I'm one of those who pays Korol 100 rubles a month.

Telegram channels about psychology and self-development

  1. @vadimkurkin - Fascinating Psychology | Vadim Kurkin. Blog of a psychologist for those who want to understand and realize themselves. Author's articles on personal growth and the psychology of relationships, psychotherapeutic practices and translations of foreign psychologists.

Telegram channels about SMM & Telegram

  1. @tgmarketing - a channel hosted by Fyodor Skuratov on what smm in telegram is all about. Fedor is the cofounder of the chat analytics service Combot, and soon he will launch a platform for advertising in Telegram channels.
  2. @content_king - Content is king! A good channel about content (creation, management, distribution) and content marketing (strategy, tools, communication). Tips, tricks, secrets, trends, cases of content marketing.
  3. @praktikasmm
  4. @blogsmm
  5. @aboutSMM - There are a few more good smm channels.
  6. @amplifr - Amplifr channel (a service for analyzing and publishing posts on social networks). Amplifr is cool, but expensive. I recommend it to anyone who isn't already using it. I haven't used it in a year, but Nat, I'll be back as soon as I get rich!

Useful Telegram Channels

  1. @apps4life - The author talks about useful applications for the iPhone and iPad. Tests, shares his experiences and makes reviews. Actual and useful information.

  2. @namochimanturu - a channel for hypochondriacs by medical journalists Dasha Sarkisian, Marianna Mirzoyan and Karina Nazaretyan. It helped me a lot once (I thought about going to the doctor, but I realized I was fine)
  3. @poebistika - a channel with links to stickerpacks, hosted by Igor Belkin.
  4. @excel_everyday - A great channel if you often use Excel in your work.
  5. @itrabota - Lenar Khalikov is running a rubric of IT vacancies in Tatarstan. If anyone suddenly needs a job.
  6. @reposta - Reposts from other channels. Mostly from the ones I've linked to here:)
  7. @games_apps4life - about games for iPhone and iPad. News, reviews, cheats and more.

If you have something to write about, you should have started your channel yesterday. But it's not too late today. The cost of attracting a subscriber - ridiculous (1-5 rubles. per one), the coverage of the post - huge (60-95%), as well as CTR - 10-15% subscribers will click on the link in the post.I myself have a month leading a channel about travel - tips, tricks and all that. It already has an unashamed >1,200 subscribers, so you can tell me about it here, too. https://telegram.me/travelhacks

Took the list and, in places, the original text from Danis Sakhabutdinov

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IS THERE A PROBLEM? ? \Share what # pisses you off! \Read the stories of those who've already had a #BBLE!!! \nhttps://telegram.me/NakipeloTG


Here's another one worth subscribing to.\nChannel with stories of people who have #NOCKED, #BOMBED, and #BED something! \n\nhttps://telegram.me/NakipeloTG


For those interested in Ukrainian news, please subscribe to Crisis Today. https://telegram.me/CrysisTodayNews

Igor Didkovsky

Here's a cool channel with tattoo girls, fresh photos, no ads, very cool !\nhttps://telegram.me/HotTattooGirls\n

Artem Rodin

Not much about ecommerce. I only know this one, but I wonder - https://telegram.me/ecomnews\Anybody else know?

Akis Akis

comment image Magic store - art close to everyone! Channel about art. Look at life through the prism of art! https://telegram.me/magicsr


Anonymous Blog: https://telegram.me/AnonBlog\Blog of an anonymous resident of Russia...


Interesting video anecdotes photo\nhttp://telegram.me/anatomiya_smexa


Another channel http://telegram.me/moy_dom

Sergey Varlakov

A collection of the best business literature! Daily update! Subscribe! \nhttps://telegram.me/smilemoneycomment image


Watching anime, and sharing with you https://t.me/animerating

Anton A

The channel of the famous online magazine UM+ https://telegram.me/UM_PLUS

Alexander Bormintsev

"Studying Artists." http://telegram.me/learn_painters \n\n1 day = 1 famous painting and a short story about it

Dima Osiyuk

A channel with clever texts on web analytics:\n\nhttps://telegram.me/webanalyst

Ashot Elyazyan

A cool channel with free books. Every day new books. Bestsellers, contemporary fiction, business bookscomment image


A channel about good and healthy habits.
One habit a day that can change your life for the better. You will learn what it gives and how to instill it.
https://telegram.me/goodhabitscomment image

Lazhintseva Maria

A makeup artist diagnosed with brain cosmetics. He talks about cosmetics, new products on the market and shares makeup artists' secrets.


Lazhintseva Maria

A makeup artist diagnosed with brain cosmetics. He talks about cosmetics, new products on the market and shares makeup artists' secrets.

https://telegram.me/girlspowdercomment image

Violetta Krutova

The official channels of FORMATICA, JD and ShockBlast. These are really the best pictures. The Edge of Being. Subscribe for sure


https://t.me/evgenvin - The online channel of an ordinary person. Talking about what's going on with me!


comment image


Back it up with some interesting news!


There are very few good channels for those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. That's why I suggest https://telegram.me/goodhabits . A lot of informational and practical material: Why and how to cultivate healthy habits.


https://t.me/rentmania_org - renting as a lifestyle. How not to buy unnecessary things, borrow cool interesting things for 10% of the cost and live life to the fullest.

Tim Bim

Only quality humor for the most desperate gourmets. Degenerate author's memes - just what a person with a delicate mental organization needs!

https://t.me/mem_orandumcomment image

vitaliy m

Updated wallpaper catalog

Roman Nula

The largest bot directory in Telegram


Cavva Kashin

A great channel about traveling in Ukraine and different cool places there.

Yan Tchistilin

I propose to cooperate: similar subjects https://t.me/afishakyiv

Maria Gerasimchuk

https://t.me/redmsk The official Internet media channel of Krasnaya Moskva.rf. Voice of Moscow - honest information.


I'll add a few interesting and mostly famous channels worth subscribing to:

1. https://telegram.me/za_bugrom - An interesting first-person channel about life in the U.S.

2. https://telegram.me/meduzalive - Medusa, no comment

3. https://telegram.me/marketing_smm - A great channel for marketing and SMM

4. https://telegram.me/penthaus - about startups and business by Gordeev

5. https://telegram.me/zhurbomba - A great budding channel about proper journalism

6. https://telegram.me/freakbook - a daily selection of interesting articles

Mikhail Abramov

URBANISTIKA - channel about cities, architecture and construction.

News, articles, statistics, sometimes personal opinion. (+ pictures)



Anime, art, gif, music, games, stickers
After 11:00 p.m. Hentai ?
Subscribe :3
https://t.me/animeratingcomment image

Arthur Malyutin

Banan Video
The best gifs and videos on the net!

Mikhail Abramov

URBANISTIKA is a channel about architecture, urban environment, and new construction technologies.

https://t.me/urbanistikacomment image

Victor Ivanov

Today is World Theater Day! Want to know about holidays and interesting events every day? Then subscribe!
https://t.me/datetodaycomment image

Sergey Marmyshkin

NewsLand - LIVE

News in Russia and around the world - Newsland - information and discussion portal. News, opinions, analysis, journalism.


New interesting channel
Intellectually about sex
Blogs, books, articles...
Tips, personal experience, spice ?
Relax and enjoy

Mikhail Abramov

URBANISTIKA is a channel about architecture, urban environment, and new construction technologies.

News, articles, statistics, sometimes personal opinion.

https://t.me/urbanistikacomment image


18+ videos, photos, gifs around the clock

comment image

Christina Lim

Only new and quality music, the best selections, fresh remixes.
Daily publication
? @meloromaniac

M U S I C ?

Iosiph Ruiz

Spanish from scratch:
Lessons, articles, useful resources for self-study of Spanish.

https://t.me/espnnlcomment image

Denis Sabanov

The latest news in Russian-language YouTube, the life of bloggers, as well as channels worth paying attention to.

Andrey Filin

Secret Telegram Channel. The most interesting things from the deep Internet.
Insides, diagrams, manuals. Configuring software. Network security.

Tanya Bulgak

The latest news. Join in to stay up to date.
http://t.me/newsmakerlive comment image

Yura Doctor

Carpet. Couch. Flowers. https://t.me/true_carpet

Yegor Yakovishen

Trip to the U.S. in September 2017. Route: MSK - LA - SF - NYC - MSK.

Preparation, tips, and tips + budget details.

The program includes a drive along Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco, visits to IT company campuses in Silicon Valley, walks in fall Central Park, and other must-see tourist spots (and more).

comment image

Arthur Kuznetsov

The best gifs for communication and fun, check it out, like it - subscribe)

Link - https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEAvJsLYHGf

Andrey Filin

Secret Telegram Channel. The most interesting things from the deep Internet.
Insides, diagrams, manuals. Configuring software. Network security.
https://t.me/darkinternetcomment image

English Skype

English language easy and simple! Channel with the course of self-study of English in an easy and accessible form
https://t.me/englishskypeblogcomment image

Valeria Kapustina

Everything about crowdfunding in Russia and abroad: news and analysis, research and trends, tips and PR.

Dmitry Pastuh

The marketing channel https://t.me/DigitalMarketingNewz.
Very few subscribers, but this does not reduce the value of the news.
Recommended reading. Fan, author's opinion and news/reposts are present.comment image