Compilation: 30 useful Telegram-bots in Ukraine

Compilation: 30 useful Telegram bots

In its four years of operation, Telegram has become a standard communication tool for IT and media workers, and has gained popularity among politicians and connoisseurs of secure correspondence. In addition, Telegram was one of the first to use another messenger feature: bots. We selected 30 most popular and useful Telegram bots to use in Ukraine. Moreover, some of them can be used not only in Ukraine but also in other countries.

Compilation: 30 useful Telegram-bots in Ukraine

30 useful Telegram bots in Ukraine

  • Robot Anton - bot, which allows you to quickly download the latest localization in Ukrainian or Russian. The default interface in the program is English.
  • iGov - A bot to search for available places in the queue for biometric passports. It monitors electronic lists for you and sends notifications.
  • PrivatBankBot - a bot for quick transfers within the messenger, available to PrivatBank customers. You need to bind your card, pass the identification procedure, and use it in any dialog using the inline mode, mentioning the bot after the @ symbol.
  • Currency exchange rate - Another "money" bot with a talking name. It keeps track of the rate at the interbank market, banks, and the market. It advises where they buy expensive and sell cheap currency.
  • CryptoBot - keeps an eye on Bitcoin and Etherium exchange rates. The best part is the noise of the coolers of your mining farm.
  • Weatherman - sends the weather in selected cities. It works according to a schedule.
  • TempMail - temporary mailbox generator. If you need to make several one-time accounts or you don't trust the services - the fastest solution.
  • Tracker - universal parcel tracker, supporting clients of several delivery services: "Ukrposhta", "Novaya Pochta", "Delivery", "Mist-Express".
  • Patentbot - through the bot you can check whether the trademark is not occupied, and then enter the necessary data for registration and pay for the service.
  • Cineman 2.0 - searches for movies and TV series, recommends randmo pictures to watch, monitors the situation on torrents.
  • Translator - bot translates from Russian to English and back again.
  • Andy - a bot that helps you learn English in a conversational way. Don't worry, it's not as rude as Microsoft's offspring.
  • Emphasis - even when you know a tricky word, you still need to pronounce it correctly. This bot will show you where to put the accent.
  • YouTube Audio Downloader - downloads the audio track of any YouTube video. Note that bots cannot send files larger than 50 MB.
  • InstaSave - can upload other people's photos and even Stories from Instagram.
  • Pomodoro Bot - timer to work according to the timekeeping system of the same name: 25 minutes you work, 5 minutes you rest. Repeat until the task is completed.
  • DeLorean - travels through time (so far only forward) with your reminders. You can use it instead of the task manager.
  • Evernote - a companion to the Evernote note-taker, which, after logging into your account, allows you to save messages and attached files directly into notes.
  • Vinci - The bot of the photo editor of the same name. It processes sent photos with the help of neural networks. Many filters are available, but just in case - this is no longer fashionable.
  • MyCookBot - Unfortunately, this bot does not know how to process food to a finished state using neural networks. But it prompts recipes and selects dishes from your ingredients.
  • To PDF - Why install a converter on your smartphone when you can use a bot. Outputs documents from OC, DOCX, ODT, TXT and JPG files to PDF.
  • Dr.Web - scans files up to 10 MB for viruses. Side effects: causes inexplicable fits of laughter in macOS users.
  • SoundCloud - A bot that imitates the SoundCloud music service client right in the dialog window. Everything is mature: downloading tracks, charts by genre, account connections.
  • Wolfram Alpha - solves simple math problems. No more downloading stupid math calculators, it will even build graphs and send them. It recognizes other queries, too.
  • Chess Bot - You can play chess with this bot.
  • Programming - working as a programmer is even more useful and profitable. The bot will help you get into the profession by providing a reference book and lots of interesting facts.
  • EasyStrongPasswordBot - bot, which will solve the problem of generating passwords of any complexity. His hardcore crafts won't be easy to crack.
  • GrammarNaziBot - checks the text for spelling. You can add it to the chat room so that everyone would be ashamed of their illiteracy.
  • Controller Bot - comes in handy for channel administrators. Allows you to create scheduled publications, keep track of subscriber statistics, and bypass formatting restrictions.
  • LikeBot - adds emoji to posts.
  • Storebot - bot to search for other bots.

Source: AIN.UA

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