11 Telegram channels about movies and TV series, movies

11 Telegram channels about movies and TV shows

As one of the classics of Soviet cinema used to say, "Art does not burn! And it's true, there are a lot of movies being made now. Series have become like movies, I would say - this is the new birth of the genre, I do not know how to call it, but to call a series "House of Cards" or "Game of Thrones" I do not dare to talk. This is a masterpiece of cinema. I'm not indifferent. But what about other films? Series? How do you know what to watch and what not to watch in all this variety? For you, I made a selection of Telegram channels about movies, films and TV series.

In a selection of channels about movies you will find a lot of interesting things. What's important right now? Time. So in order to save time, not to watch bad movies, watch only good movies, wait only for the best TV series. One of the Telegram channels about movies and TV series will help. Here you will find both reviews and pre-premiere opinions, of course original author reviews, in-depth analysis by professionals and much more. Without delay, let's move on to a selection of telegram channels about movies and TV series.

Telegram channels about movies and TV series, movies

Top selection of Telegram channels about movies and TV series

  1. @remizorro - a channel about movies, TV shows, and music. Here you can see the trailer of the new Marvel movie, and about harassment in Hollywood (how could it be without it) - interesting, understandable and without complicated things.
  2. @gurukino - "Kinguru" is a stylish author's channel about premieres - the author (no spoilers at all!!) talks about everything that's coming to the big screens, breaking down all the new products in detail. Very useful and interesting
  3. @anonhown - Well, check it out. About movies: from reviews to polls, from anecdotes to announcements. Reviews for the soul. Cinematography that you want to watch.
  4. @kinostudia - Fak yo Spielberg movie blog. Got a question - what to watch? Statistics and reviews. Channel Description - I created the channel so people wouldn't ask themselves and others the dumb question "What to watch?".
  5. @moviehorse - Kinoklacha. Opening night galloping! Every day is a review of a new movie, usually the newest ones.
  6. @ghostwood - Guys from the Reading Room. In-depth analysis of various movie phenomena. Right now it's more about Twin Peaks than anything else.
  7. @absolutefilms - ΛBSOLUTE Cinema. An author's channel about cinema: only private opinions on worthwhile films.
  8. @kinopoisk - Kinopoisk. The official channel of the largest movie site.
  9. @KinoCoc - About popular movies when premieres are just around the corner.
  10. @aboutmovie - They only write about good movies: author reviews and recommendations.
  11. @cinemasha - Practically the only female channel about movies. Masha about movie life.
  12. @kinanebudet - an author's channel about movies, the entertainment industry and the like, with a sauce of a lot of satire and hatred.
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