The 10 best stickers for iPhone

Probably everyone who owns an iPhone has been able to appreciate the new developments of the operating system iOS10, which supports the ability to install stickers for the iPhone. This additional application allows you to convey emotions, impressions and feelings in the built-in application iMessage, which are sometimes difficult to describe in words. Most of the smartphone sticker kits have only appeared in the last year, but not all of them can be downloaded for free for the iMessenger app. But when you install it, you are given instructions on how to send a sticker, and how to delete the version you do not like. So it is enough to install the package, and then choose the desired face from a special box below the message. We wrote a review of the best stickers for iPhone, they are not only the best, but also the most beautiful, interesting and useful. Citizens, use Stickers 🙂The best iPhone stickers

How do I install stickers on my iPhone?

The main question that will interest users is how to download and put stickers for iPhone in iMessenger. By the way, it is this internal application that has developed cute emoticons and emojis for every occasion of life. As for the installation, you need to:

  • Open the app with iMessenger
  • go to a chat room or open a new one. The prerequisite is that it must be a chat with another iPhone user;
  • at the bottom, click on the icon that resembles the App Store icon;
  • you will see the preinstalled stickers;
  • to install the new ones, you need to click on the shortcut in the lower left corner, resembling 4 dots;
  • and press the "+";
  • you will find yourself in the AppStore, where only stickers are sold and can be downloaded;
  • choose any one you like and install it on your phone!

Immediately after that, you can start using stickers to communicate with friends and family. If you want to delete it, you should also use the App Store.The best iPhone stickers

Top 10 best stickers for iPhone

Speaking of the newest and most popular stickers, we should highlight the top ten, which every user will love:

  1. SUPER MARIO RUN Stickers (download) was presented just last fall at the Nintendo launch. What makes it special is the theme and variety of Mario's emotions, and the rich hues of the interface.
  2. Angry Birds Stickers (download) is exactly the kind of set of stickers that both little and big like. Specialists from Rovio developed it as an addition to the existing game, a cartoon. So you can take advantage of each option, as all the characters represent a variety of emotions.
  3. If you don't want to forget about emoji at all, then Iconfactory Sunshine Smilies Stickers (download) will be a great addition. After all, most of them have animation and are considered a more advanced version for fans of minimalism.
  4. You want something creative, then Slicker Stickers (download) would make simple emoticons a piece of art, as they are quite difficult to understand. They are often used by large companies instead of the secret code.
  5. Iconfactory Stuck On Stickers (download) is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, as each picture is made qualitatively and corresponds to the latest trends. It is suitable for those who are "on trend".
  6. Bubbly Pico (download) will make every iPhone user smile, because he just radiates positivity and energy. To convey his emotions, the chick got different accessories and animations.
  7. Nounji (download) can be attributed to text smilies, which can convey a whole sentence or situation, so they are used by many.
  8. If you remember the Siri commercials, you probably want to install Cookie Monster Stickers (download), where the cute monster will allow you to convey a different range of feelings, and will crinkle and make faces.
  9. Emoji Stickers for iMessages (download) is considered a simple but most complete set of emoji that have a simple design but wide application.
  10. Finally a super hit of our top ten! Fans of the band Mumiy Troll will definitely appreciate the personalized sticker design from the frontman, who created "Mumiytrolling" (download) in my own image and likeness. Unusual, creative, and with a twist. It's now one of the top choices on the Appstore.

As for Telegram users, they'll be thrilled with the news that new sticker sets have been developed for them, too, which are as easy to install as those for the iPhone messenger. If you have more favorite sticker sets, share them in the comments, we'll be happy to add them to our review.

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