Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte - Animals from Beyond

In an environment currently occupied by zombies, the game Zoombies truly stands out. An interesting selection of zombie animals, intuitive controls, and plenty of features make this game a real hit.As one of the children, either Marco or Maria, you complete a mission to keep numerous zombie animals from escaping from the zoo in Little Mexico. Each animal has its own distinctive trait, which requires different strategies: the rhino throws its horns forward, the baby kangaroo attacks if its mother falls, etc.However, the game does not look cruel to the animals. Most levels have uninfected animals that need to be protected from the oncoming immortal creatures. Live animals can be turned into zombies, so the player must make the difficult decision of which animal to save and which to sacrifice. This creates a fiercely risky dynamic that brings the game to life, because if you let a living beast go, it may come back to you as a zombie a few minutes later.The whole action is a truly bloody spectacle, but both the settings and the weapons look too toy-like. The main trick of the battles is the ability to trace the path of your weapon, as well as the return of the object in your hands boomerang.Standard weapons themselves are often unable to deal with the advancing horde - and this is where the advanced customization comes into play. A large number of special abilities and upgrades will be dropped on your screen before each stage. Even at level 45, a tree of features keeps you in the game, encouraging you to experiment.Zoombies - is an enjoyable and interesting experience. Sure, there could have been more different opponents and the levels could have differed from each other in little more than color, but the experience leaves a fresh and fun feeling thanks to the intuitive controls in the battles and the wide variety of options available.

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