Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

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Zombie Strike came out quite a long time ago, so I won't make any special introductions. Quite a good clone of Idle Heroes in the universe of zombies and Mad Max (like). That is, those who are familiar with the mechanics, understand what we're talking about and do not really need advice, except that interesting Tier List heroes to understand who to collect. From all these tips I compiled a Guide, which will be useful for both beginners and advanced players.

In a nutshell, Zombie Strike is an endless game in which your team fights without you, and you occasionally go in and help them fight the zombies. There's a pretty good turn-based tutorial available in the game, and it will be very useful. It also gives very good starter rewards!

Tips for novice players

I would take that advice.

  1. Don't swing the light and destruction faction, it's easier to swing yellow or purple. Unless, of course, you're going to use donate.
  2. Don't waste black crystals, beer, arena tickets, and roulette coins, all of which will be used in future events. I'll tell you more about this below.
  3. First of all, pump Spark up to level 100, a good Persian for beginners. This hero is given for registration in the game - through Facebook or by e-mail. In general, this is correct - then you can play from any device. Spark is put in slot 1 at level 100. She's got about 1,500 HP off of her per hit. It's pretty comfortable to get to level 6-05 in the campaign and to level 100 in the end of the world tower, as long as you already have a few 5* heroes or all of them.
  4. Try to buy blue shards, but don't use them. Blue shards - sapphires will be needed to change the hero in the Mysterious Crystal. There are also jewel shards - you can bribe them too, they will be needed to increase the level of Jewel on the hero.
  5. Destroy only 1-2 star heroes. You'll need 3* heroes to make 4* heroes. Yes, you will collect quite a few shards of heroes of different stars - don't summon them unnecessarily, they will only clutter up your backpack.
  6. Don't summon heroes for beer. Wait for the events on them.
  7. At first the bunch of heroes will be: Spark + 2 any tank + any damagers. Then: Spark and Tank and all the rest. There's no point in bothering with good or bad hero. Look at the stars 🙂
  8. Also. Don't be afraid to rock your heroes to 5*, even if they're not great. Then they can be used as "fodder", and all the stuff spent on them will be returned. Or the same will happen if you "exclude" the hero, but you don't need to do that, especially with 5*.
  9. Now all on the initial heroes that can fall out and that you can get.
    1. The spark is our mother. For the time being, of course. Until the 80+ level.
    2. Angela is a great healer and will be the backbone of the team for a long time to come.
    3. Celanio is a good tank.
    4. From the Chaos faction -  Max and Jay are like the Damagers.
    5. Crimson is like a beginner's tank.
    6. Lisson and Siamu of the green fraction.
  10. Join a guild. If you join a guild that's already killed a few bosses, you'll be able to collect duds from them, so join a pumped one if possible. Only use the guild coins for technology, don't buy any heroes. If you change guilds, you can keep all the technology you've pumped, don't worry.
  11. It's not a good idea to run a full action every day, because it wastes precious resources that are needed for the Event. Do it only when there is a free call for beer.
  12. In arena events, the points count as follows: win 2 points, lose 1. Collect tokens to participate in the arena, you can get good prizes in the events.

I also found this picture in the bourgeois, I think it will be useful.

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

Working CD Key

Working CD Keys (verified as of October 8, 2019)

  1. IrpReHzDEnaV
  2. OJXqTCAGuzho

Enter in Class Events, in the menu select at the very bottom - CD-CLUCH exchange.

What is Zombie Strike Event?

These are weekly events in the game, for the completion of which very cool prizes are given. The point of the events is that the tastiest prizes are given for completing almost impossible tasks, such as calling 200 times for a beer. Or 400. It is clear that this very beer will be sold for money. But if you be a little craftier and save up Beer to the right amount, then such an event can be closed without a single donation. That's why materials for the events you need to save up a month or two to get cool prizes. Or donate :).

What materials should be collected for the event:

  1. Beer
  2. Black Crystals (100 for the full event)
  3. Quests
    1. 7* - 2 pieces
    2. 6* - 6 pieces
    3. 5* - 20 pieces
    4. 4* - 30 pieces

VIP levels

The number of points to achieve VIP levels. The most ideal option is VIP level 3, but here everyone decides for himself.

In simple terms, without a table, to get VIP level 3 you need to spend $30 - we will get 1500 VIP points. For this we will get 3 VIP and another 100 points remain. What do we get for 3 VIPs?

  1. Get the Executioner hero at 5* for achievements.
  2. Slots for heroes will increase by 60 (+20 for each VIP level).
  3. To spin the roulette wheel - 10 times at a time.
  4. There is more gold in Survival Rewards on 60%.
  5. In the campaign, the increase in experience, gold will increase by 30%.
  6. Two more quest slots will be added.
  7. +2 trials in the raid.
  8. Missing Battles.

Number of points for achieving VIP levels

Zombie Strike Heroes Guide - Top Heroes

The first thing you need to know is that it's not the heroes you need to collect, but the bundles between them. Not enough bundles between them, you need to look at the combination of them and the bonus that the whole team gets. For example, you could start with 2 guardian heroes, 2 order heroes and 2 creatures, which adds up to +11% to attack and +13% to health for all heroes on the team. Of course, if a 5* hero comes in that breaks that bonus, but pulls through his skills, you need to change. That's how I got Max, one of the top heroes in the game.

There is another cheater character. Alpha. His damage increases proportionally to his dead companions, so you can safely put level 1 Persons with him (pay attention to AURA, with it you can boost Alpha's damage even more). They'll get knocked down, but Alpha will get a huge damage bonus because of it. Better to pair it with a healer like Angela. Obviously this trick won't work at the highest levels, but at 5-7* it's fine. All in all, pretty peter thing. Try it 🙂

Auras in the game

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

Tier list v.2.0 for PVE and PVP

Big Picture (2MB). And the one below is the same, only slightly smaller.

Shooting Range Sheet Zombie Strike

Another variation of Tir Leaf

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

Heroes from Roulette

Characters that appear in roulette

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

Hero's boost

Using Dia as an example. How many what resources are needed. Read from the bottom up.

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing

Vehicle Guide

The image, of course, shows more information about the machines and their pumping, but does not give advice. Here I wouldn't be too concerned. The thing is, the activation of the machine costs quite inexpensive - 260 coins, which begin to fall from the level 7.20 in the Campaign, so you can start by activating any machine. And then choose the one that best suits your team due to its skills: bleed, stan, freeze, and more. Just strengthen your team at the expense of the machine.

But since it is necessary to recommend it, there is such information.


  1. Extinguisher
  2. The Ripper
  3. Dominator
  4. Destroyer
  5. Destroyer


  1. The Ripper
  2. Destroyer
  3. Extinguisher
  4. Dominator
  5. Destroyer

Zombie Strike - Guide to heroes and vehicles, tips passing


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