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YouTube: free and paid subscriptions, what's the difference

Your key to exclusive content and ad-free access - YouTube Premium

Ukrainians got an opportunity to subscribe to exclusive content from YouTube and enjoy watching movies, TV series and shows absolutely ad-free. Time will tell whether they are happy about this or not, but now we need to figure out what is going on and where YouTube is going.

Prologue or What's Happening to YouTube

Most likely, in the near future, there will be no free channels in our country either. You will also have to pay to download files. And good music will become a luxury. We are slowly adopting the European experience.

First, it will surely contribute to the disappearance of trash commercials. Users will tend to consume a higher quality product. And all the bloggers who promote a certain brand or brand will have to work hard to improve the content of their channels and stay competitive.

Secondly, it frees up a lot of subscribers' time, which is usually spent on searching and selecting worthy and interesting content to watch. YouTube has taken responsibility for the content of its premium channel and selected the best.

Thirdly, it is another step toward a future in which there is no place for television. Subscribers to the channel will have access to content not only on computers, but also on smartphones and Internet-enabled TVs.

Let's see what YouTube has prepared for us in its Premium package that is so exclusive and unique.

What a YouTube Premium subscription will do for you

YouTube Premium

It's worth reminding you that you probably pay for your cable every month. Or maybe you bought a set-top box and are now watching digital. And it's likely that a flood of cheap TV shows, reality shows, comedians, and annoying political news is coming at you as soon as you turn on your zombie TV. I daresay you don't like it very much. You have to constantly switch between channels, hoping to find something worthy. And when you finally manage to find it, it's over.

To keep you from getting frustrated and your nerves from getting overwhelmed, YouTube suggests that you watch what you like from beginning to end, pausing when necessary and returning to it later.

YouTube Premium will allow you to

  • See Best video in excellent quality and, most importantly ad-free. This way, you can be more engrossed in watching, absorbed in the events, you don't have to wait tediously for the commercials to end.
  • Download videos for free and view them offline. This feature will appeal to frequent travelers who do not have constant access to the Internet. On a plane or a train - you'll always have something to occupy yourself with.
  • You can do several things at once: listen to music on YouTube and write to a friend in a messenger, listen to an interesting program from YouTube Original and take notes on what you hear in the Notepad app. Now you'll have access to background playback mode - is when you can turn off your iPhone and the YouTube video keeps going. Perfect for those who listen to podcasts, watch various interviews (Dud, hi!), xTED talks, and so on.
  • To be the first or maybe the only one to see exclusive films and series from renowned directors featuring international stars. Youtube has big ambitions here, because the well-trodden path of Netflix says it's a very money-making route. This is also where Amazon Prime Video and Apple are going.

The cost of a premium subscription is now 99 UAH per month for Android users and $4.99 for Apple owners. It includes: access to YouTube Originals, YouTube Music without restrictions, use of YouTube offline and without ads. Before you sign up for it, you can activate a free one-month trial. You can also take advantage of the advantageous Family Subscription, which you'll read a little bit about below.


If you're not already a YouTube regular, get familiar with this service - you're going to love it. To have quick access to YouTube on your iPhone, Download appendix.

"The pitfalls of YouTube Premium subscriptions

"Not all that glitters is gold," is an adage that can safely be applied to YouTube's paid subscription. Many people have already tried it out. Some haven't even realized the benefits or seen the drawbacks. And that's because:

  • Most of the videos are in English. There are videos in Turkish, Chinese, German and French. There is no Russian or Ukrainian content yet. For some people this is a huge drawback, but not for those who study foreign languages.
  • Offline videos can only be watched on mobile devices. Users are perplexed, "Why would they waste their time and clog up their smartphone memory with some disposable video?" But avid travelers who often find themselves out of coverage are sure to love such a feature.
  • Many people found the background playback mode extremely inconvenient, because the video is displayed as a tiny rectangle with microscopic characters in the corner of the smartphone. You can hardly see anything in such a format. But this function can be useful if you need to watch and record, listen and sketch, memorize and translate at the same time.

Other paid YouTube subscriptions

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

If you prefer music to movies and TV shows, you can subscribe to YouTube Music separately. For a whole month you will have an opportunity to use the service for free, understand the benefits of subscription, get acquainted with playlists. When the term expires, YouTube Music will cost you 79 UAH per month. This price will include:

  • All music content will be available both on your smartphone and on your computer.
  • Concert recordings, music videos, entire albums, and official channels are located in an easy-to-find catalog.
  • By specifying your music preferences, you'll be constantly receiving selections with content recommended for you.
  • And the main advantage - no ads, the ability to listen to music in the background and offline mode.

YouTube Family Subscription

A YouTube Music family subscription costs 119 UAH per month on Android and $5.99 on iOS. A similar subscription to YouTube Premium will cost you 149 UAH if you use an Android device, and $7.49 if iOS. The price is absolutely justified, because several people can use it under different accounts, one of which will have administrator rights. It is he who buys the subscription, adds participants and gives them access to it.

Family subscriptions have their own peculiarities:

  • All subscribers must be at least 13 years old and live in the same area as you (the subscriber).
  • You need to have a Google account, create a family group there, and send out invitations to all future participants.
  • The "Library" section, your personal recommendations, and the subscriptions will remain untouched, because each subscriber will log in from a personal account.

Don't forget that YouTube services are not limited to these subscriptions. There is a Student Subscription at a special discount, valid for four years of study for American students. Perhaps Ukrainian students will soon enjoy this privilege as well.

It is possible to install the app for free YouTube KidsIt's a collection of children's content, including cartoons and shows. It is designed for English-speaking children from 2 to 6 years old, but it can be used with great benefit as educational material with subtitles included, especially since you will find there all the favorite and widely known domestic cartoon "Masha and the Bear.

YouTube Creative Studio - a separate app designed to allow you to manage your own channel directly from your smartphone. You'll be able to schedule your publications, view statistics, and respond to comments.

YouTube Originals videos worth watching

YouTube Originals Red

Even now, despite the fact that YouTube Originals is a young and recently launched project, its content is quite diverse: full-length movies and TV series, reality and quests, diaries of stars, entertainment shows and popular science and sports programs.

I had time to watch a few episodes of the shows I was most interested in, I seriously took up learning English from an educational program, and I flipped through one show that surprised me.

The series "Impulse" captivated me from the first frame. It has everything I love: a dramatic plot about the difficult fate of a complicated teenager, a lot of mysticism and mystery, there is room for romance, good acting by unflappable actors and spacey dialogues.

The Lifeline series is also good and very addictive, but it is farther away from reality than the first one. Time travel, the race for eternal existence and, of course, love - that's the show. The main character acts as a super-hero, endowed with the best human qualities, and everything revolves around him.

And, of course, Mind Field. In half an hour clips the authors have managed not only to contain an interesting story, but also to fully disclose it. The presenter, using the method of participant observation, participates in experiments, the results of which are sometimes unexpectedly shocking. Such topics are raised: "How does complete isolation affect the human body?", "Why do people have poorly developed short-term memory?", "How do social roles affect human behavior?"

Perhaps you'll find something else more interesting by subscribing. Share it in the comments.


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