Wunderlist - how to use, how to work and an overview

Wunderlist - the best simple task list manager

Wunderlist is one of the best free task manager and list keeper apps out there. More recently. Wunderlist was purchased by Microsoft. A company that is notorious for bugs and errors in every software product it touches. I can assure you, this has not touched Wunderlist, at least not yet. In this article I will give a small overview of the Wunderlist application and tell you how to use it as a to-do list, how to work with a team, because it is a really powerful mechanism, if you know how to use it correctly and configure it for your tasks.

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Wunderlist: to-do lists

Wunderlist Overview

Wunderlist: to-do lists is available on all possible platforms with a single synchronization. This means that once you register an account, you can work in one account from different devices, from different platforms - iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Windows Phone and finally on the web page of the site itself.Allows you to create an unlimited number of lists or projects for individual tasks. Let's look at examples. You are going on a camping trip and it is extremely important that you don't forget anything. Great, create a list - "Going camping", in which you make a list of all the things and/or actions you need to do in order to make the camping trip happen and you don't forget anything. Isn't that cool? You can set a reminder for any task on the project or list. To meet your mother-in-law at 7:00 p.m. or to remember to send an email to a customer. All these actions are created literally in a few taps, and again. will be available from any device.The coolest thing, added relatively recently - the ability to maintain joint lists and projects. This means that you can assign tasks to each other or complete a list together. There are almost unlimited possibilities here. And best of all, it's all free.

Wunderlist - how to work as a task manager

Suppose you have a small team and several projects. How do you organize this team with Wunderlist? You create lists by project name. Recently, you can also create sub-lists. Roughly speaking - sub-projects. You get this structure:

  • Project 1
    • Subproject 1
      • Task 1
      • Task 2
    • Subproject 2
      • Task 4
  • Project 2
    • Task 1
    • Task 2
  • Project 3

To do this, you need to separately create lists, and then drag and drop them into the main folder, pinching your finger.If we talk about examples, for example to create a site, you can do so (the steps are very conditional, just to show the essence):

  • Site/Project Name
    • Design
      • Come up with a map of the site and its content
      • Create a prototype site
      • Write the ToR
    • Programming
      • Develop according to the TOR
    • Printed by
      • Develop according to the TOR
    • Testing
      • Functional testing
      • Design and layout testing (adaptability)
      • Protecting and handing in the project

Wunderlist - how to use, how to work and an overviewYou can assign one or more people to each task. For each task, comments are available and you can attach files. The maximum file size is 5Mb, to get more you need to buy the Pro-version, but the free version is good enough.

Wunderlist - how to use it as a list keeper

I will not assume anything here. I will tell you about my own experience.In Wunderlist I usually keep lists like this:

  • Watch movies
  • Read books
  • Plans for 2016
  • Plans for 2017
  • Buy gifts for the New Year

As you can see, these are perfectly normal lists. I either fill them from time to time, as I do with movies or books, when someone recommends them. And sometimes I write down who recommended it or where I learned about it so it's easier to remember why I should read it. Or who to thank :).Wunderlist: watch lists   Wunderlist - how to use, how to work and an overviewWith gift lists, it's usually before bedtime, when you suddenly remember that New Year's Eve is coming up and you have to give presents to everyone. Half-asleep brain tries to squeeze out something and here we just write it down. For a few such approaches, usually a list is made. The rest is a matter of technique - to go buy or find on the Internet and buy immediately crossed off the list. Most importantly, that the maintenance of such lists relieves the head - do not have to remember what to buy or give who, what movie recommended by a friend and what book the teacher. Everything is snugly stored on Wanderlist and is always available 24 hours a day. I'll tell you more, after I've seen a movie or read a book, not only do I cross it off my list, but I write a little review for myself. For history.Or here's another way to use it - keeping general lists. You go to the store to store for the family. In the normal world, it's a crumpled up piece of paper that you pull out, if you haven't lost it, from your jeans pocket and start searching through the list for what you need. Now you can make a common list with your beloved woman, where she will add the purchases you need and you will cross them out, but already in the store. Believe me - it's very cool. Wife, during the day, completes the list, you buy in the evening. There is no unnecessary communication and misunderstanding.screenshot-at-nov-04-22-02-11

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