WSET Tasting Notes - Wine is a free app for tasting notes

What a shame, almost all of us like to have a drink. There are very different kinds of drinks. Wines stand apart, because not everyone is able to come to them, to understand them and their "world. But those who come can't stop. Wine tasting becomes a pleasant habit, and choosing wine becomes a pleasant longing before tasting. To remember the smells, aromas, tastes - keep diaries. Tasting Notes - Wine is a free app for tasting notes, where you always have all the notes with you, in all your travels and meetings with friends.

We publish the testing of the Tasting Notes - Wine app from Wild Wild Wild Yeast (author's style and punctuation preserved)

Download Tasting Notes - Wine app free from the AppStore.

Tested the app on the usual quick tasting samples.
Here's what I got (no one cancels the bad hands factor):

WSET's free tasting notes app had high hopes.

⭐️ It would seem that a systematic tasting without then trying to sort out your own handwriting is then worth a lot. But no.

WSET Tasting Notes - Wine - free app for tasting notes

  1. ✔️ Once the tasting is complete, there is no way to change the data. That is, if you miss the year of harvest - just sit there. You can't even add a label.
  2. ✔️ You can only record data in a set order: color, flavor, taste, additional data.
    It seems like a small thing, but it's not convenient. Here they tell you the specifics about the soil or the feature of the year, and you can't write down quickly in any way, because now you have to choose flavors...((
  3. ✔️ The search in the tasting notes is done only by the name of the wine. Classifying and making a selection of wines to be tested by varietal-region-producer is unrealistic. The point, Charles?
  4. ✔️ How to share notes I have not found. A printscreen doesn't hold all the information either(((
  5. ✔️ It is, of course, also unrealistic to make a comparative table...

All in all, a beautiful toy for those who have time.
For those who need to try a lot at once, analyze and draw conclusions - not an option.
That leaves notebooks, twitchy handwriting, and authorial abbreviations.

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