Where to download WoT on PC, Mac, laptop and 12 best tips for the newbie in 2020

World of Tanks: 12 best tips for the beginner in 2021

In 2020, the competition in the game World of Tanks WOT just huge. Millions of players from all over the world are trying to prove that they are not worse than the others, and often better. The game evolves, and with it the players themselves: if just 5-6 years ago, errors were forgiven, but now the second confusion and loss of concentration can send you to the hangar, even in the "sandbox. So what to do to raise your level of play? Here are twelve tips that will definitely help.

But first, you have to download World Of Tanks.

Where to download WoT and WoT Blitz

Where to download WoT and WoT Blitz

Official website

Dare go to to the official site, register, confirm your email and download the tanks directly to your PC or Mac.


But to begin with, in any case, you need to register.

The application WoT is quite large, so sometimes the old-fashioned way you want to download it via torrent. This is a misconception. Now you do not need to download the whole game at once, you download a small application - Preloader, which then uploads the entire game to your PC or laptop. And even if the connection is broken, but he reconnects and dokachivaet all the necessary files. Do not download crap torrents from the internet. Just a friendly advice.

WoT Blitz

Downloaded from AppStore or Google Play.

Now let's move on to the banal, but very effective tips on the game, which you need to know before we bend, little nagibator.

WoT and WoT Blitz beginner's guide and tips

Continuous control of the mini-map

Observing the mini-map will allow the player to be constantly aware of what is happening on the battlefield.

For example, the enemy broke through the flank, requires reinforcements, a light tank broke through to the base and attacks the artillery, PT. Timely assistance to allies can play a positive role and lead to victory.

Hull and turret tanking

One of the most important skills that will help to stay alive longer in battle, to contain more damage when hitting the tank. As you understand, shells that hit different parts of the tank hull do different damage.

Skillful tanking of board shots, competent turning of the hull and turret by heavy tanks, maneuvering of light and medium tanks increase the chance of the enemy not to inflict damage or knock down the caterpillar.

The higher will be developed this skill, the more damage the tank will contain, and the longer it will stay alive in battle, the better will be the game results. You also need to twist the turret to make it harder for the enemy to aim the hatches and the roof of the turret.

Use of shelters, terrain

Ideally, the player should learn all the maps, know them by heart: all kinds of shelters, terrain folds from which you can shoot with tanks with good EOD, etc., all the best bushes, buildings, rollovers, shoot-throughs, etc. Especially this skill is important when playing on PT and artillery: this technique is most useful when from good points with great visibility do damage while remaining unnoticed.

There is nothing else but experience to work off this caveat. So play, and as often as possible.

Using the strengths of the tank

Each tank in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • The light tank is ideal for illuminating enemy tanks, carousel of the enemy's untrammeled vehicles.
  • The medium tank, thanks to some armor, can withstand some damage, has good speed, maneuverability, and damage per minute.
  • Heavy tanks have maximum armor and damage, but are clumsy and slow.
  • PT-SAU (anti-tank self-propelled artillery unit) do a lot of damage, but are very slow, in addition, more often than not the self-propelled machines do not rotate the turret.
  • The artillery is working on the flare on enemy tanks from deep behind.

It is necessary to study the specifications of each available tank in the hangar and play from the strengths, trying to level out the weaknesses.

Increasing computer/smartphone performance

Using a more powerful computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone to play WOT and mobile tanks, increases the performance of the game, adds comfort and directly affects the results.

Watching tutorial videos on YouTube and other sites

It is very useful to constantly watch training videos on the Internet on the topic of tanks. Experienced players share recordings of their successful battles, share their experiences in the game, talk about tanks, the game, maps and other tricks. You can always learn something useful for yourself from other players and use it in the game.

If you know any good youtube channels on WoT, write them in the comments. I'll add the best ones to the article.

Shooting only when fully converged

As difficult as it may be, it is highly desirable to shoot only after being fully wound. Especially when it comes to oblique guns and firing from long ranges. An exception to the rule is when there is no way to wait for full convergence and you must shoot lightning fast. If you have time to converge, you should do it. At full convergence you have a much better chance to hit the target, to penetrate it, to cause damage. Accordingly, you will deal more damage, which will inevitably improve your stats.

Using Premium Shells

"Golda" has the maximum penetration in the game of all projectiles. In the case of shooting at heavily armored vehicles, the use of premium projectiles can play a decisive role in the penetration of the enemy tank.

It is necessary to carry at least 3-5 "Gold" shells with you in every battle on any vehicle, because it can cost you victory. At key moments when you need to guarantee damage, only a premium projectile can guarantee penetration with a high degree of probability.

Changing the type of projectile depending on the enemy

You always have to analyze who you're shooting at, what cannon you're using, what projectile.

For example, you should shoot at cardboard tanks without armor with Fugas (they do more damage, but have very low penetration), and at heavily armored vehicles - with GOLD (premium shells).

To accurately navigate in each combat situation and choose the right projectile, you need to know exactly the penetration of each type of projectile available in the tank, as well as understand which projectile is best to penetrate the armor of a particular enemy before firing. Tanko-Wiki is your help, study it.

Interaction with Allies

It often happens that an ally doesn't see something important happening in combat, gets carried away with something that isn't the most important. For example, taking apart an AFC enemy when it is more important to deal with "live ones", not going to shoot down a base capture, choosing an exchange for an easy harmless target instead of engaging a formidable tank from the enemy team, going to the wrong direction.

You should not be shy to ask for help if you find yourself surrounded by enemy tanks, encourage and motivate your allies, give out competent and timely commands. Managing your team can help to tactically and unexpectedly for the opponent to fight and win the battle.

Complete study of tank penetration zones

By learning which tank gets through and which does not, the player will increase the number of successful shots and minimize unsuccessful volleys. Aiming at the enemy, you need to aim at places that are guaranteed to damage the enemy, immobilize him, set him on fire.

Ideally, if you can set fire to the engine, explode the ammunition, injure the crew, break the modules of the enemy tank. It is best to shoot at the side and stern of the tank, if it is necessary to shoot at the frontal projection, you need to target the vulnerabilities: the bottom armor plate, hatches, turrets and other places with thin armor. You can study tank penetration zones on specialized sites.


Playing in platoon with a companion who plays at least as well as you (and better - stronger than you), will increase the chance of achieving better results than when playing solo. Having an experienced platoon mate, you can both push through the direction, thanks to competent and clear actions, mutual support to stay alive in battle longer.


To play at a high level, you need to constantly analyze your game, clean up mistakes, learn from the best, respond to criticism, practice regularly, play in platoon, use all available opportunities to improve the characteristics of the tanks, full training of the crew. Only then do you have a chance to break into the cohort of players who are much more likely to win than to lose.

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