World of Tanks: tips, tactics, experience

World of Tanks - massively multiplayer client online game in real-time arcade tank simulator genre in the historical setting of World War II, developed by the Belarusian studio Wargaming.net. The developers of the game is positioned as a massively multiplayer online game in the action genre with elements of role-playing, shooter and strategy. The concept of "World of Tanks"(World of Tanks) is based on team tank battles in PvP mode. Article World of Tanks: tips, tactics, experience - about the real experiences of real players in the game.world of tanks tactics tips team combat

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World of Tanks: tips, tactics, experience

Random battles

Tip #1

We should prepare a phrase like "Now our players are going to run and run and run! How they will hit their head on the shell and how they will lose!!!" or "Don't give them a shooting gallery, you will now go on the attack, and they will shoot you while drinking tea..." Throw this phrase into the chat before the fight to your team.For "deer" works, tested, begin to play more carefully, live longer, respectively more benefit.

Tip #2.

When in battle most tanks went in one direction, do not play the hero and shouting that all the deer and herd.them no longer turn.Quietly and calmly go with all and if you lose, you lose with the damag and fragami.Or even sell.

Tip #3, you must install a vertical aiming stabilizer on the T34

Very much reduces the time of convergence. For the T34 with its slow convergence, very relevant. I took it off at one time, then regretted it a lot.

Tip #4, learn how to tank

The so-called reverse rhombus, when you ride out from behind the corner, at an angle to the enemy, hiding the lower armor plate in the corner. It's important to understand that the sharper the angle, the less likely the enemy will hit you. This is all learned individually in the game. If you get punched, don't get scared, move away, make the corner sharper, shoot, and go back to the corner.

Tip #5 Don't be intimidated by the damage

It's like in boxing - you do not have to be afraid of the blow, it should be feared and unnecessarily not set up.After the shot the enemy to reload, and this time can be spent on what would not yelok, and aim well and cause critical. damage in the module. often after receiving damage young players begin to roll back or yelok, then you have to look at the situation, do not panic. And remember the time kuldowns (cd) tanks, in these moments it will come in handy. Knowing the cd and seeing the enemy's xp you can safely go at him, and get a good shot at him, better to put a mod with an indicator of the characteristics of the enemy tank.

Tip #6 how to stand in the bushes (camouflage)

Many people, including me initially make one mistake. Stand in the bushes themselves and think that they are not visible when the shot is lit.The point is that you have to stand behind the bush at a distance that would be when you switch to sniper mode through the bushes was visible, but cloudy. At this positioning of the tank or pt and at a good distance, you can safely work on zasvetyah, without fear that when you shoot you will be detected.

Tip #7, be sure to study the penetration zones of tanks.

Do not be lazy to go to YouTube and look at how and where this or that tank is penetrated.

Tip #8 on how to increase efficiency

The calculation of efficiency is carried out on various items, of which the most arithmetically advantageous are:

  • base capture points
  • base protection goggles
  • Enemy detection glasses (light)

So, that would raise the efficiency in the short term need to constantly perform the above-mentioned positions, the increase in efficiency rating you will be pleasantly surprised.

Tip #9 Map

In the game you must learn to keep track of the map, watch the enemy's lights and highlight the types of lit tanks. The situation in the game is constantly changing, and to help the team, you need to watch the number of remaining enemy tanks and their likely location on the map to take timely measures to destroy them.

Tip #10. The Father Effect

All go through this, just someone can normalize over time, someone not destined, but this is a clinic.So.Do not think that you are an exceptional player. Never.Why.Yes at least because this conceit leads to unfortunate mistakes and failures, reduced attention.Most importantly, you stop developing, because you think (subconsciously), that reached the pinnacle of skill. In fact, it may be that you play better than 30% and against this background stupidly began to suffer megalomania.The result is always the same - the inevitable failure.Remember, the top is achieved by those who continuously self-developed, not engaged in self-love.

Tip #11 Learn to make the best of any situation

It should constantly try to analyze the battles.Every shot, your plums and location on the map at the time when you were taken apart.It's all important, because next time you will know what to do.A simple example.Yesterday I was taken apart on the hundred hundredth, Jagdtiger stupidly prevented me to go out of hiding on the shortest and safest path and I went around, punched in the side of a lot of damage and eventually burned.Long swore in chat on this bad man, and eventually realized that I just had to NOT go out in this situation, a little wait.And such examples abound.Take advantage of everything.

Tip #12 E-100

Happy owners of e-100 has some recommendations from personal experience:

  1. E-100 is a tank, the top gun of which lives only on Gold.Ordinary bb give a huge number of ricochets and in the game, for e-100, with its priority on shooting enemies and the length of cd, it is fraught with danger.
  2. When tanking a reverse lozenge, remember to turn the turret at an angle to the enemy when pulling away for a qd, because this thing is sewn in the "cheeks".
  3. Hide the nlb, German tanks in general are highly flammable because they run on gasoline and any hit in the nlb, it or crits the engine or fire.
  4.  Don't forget that the E-100 is a mega heavy tank, so for the good of the cause it is not terrible to take damage, because your response is always dangerous for the enemy.
  5. For the crew need to pump combat brotherhood, and the tank to put the valve, I had a case in Karelia, when I was shooting one on one with the same e-100, only that he had longer CL, that is, there was no valve and bb, so the enemy mistakenly thought, that our COP is equal, after almost simultaneous shots (mine a little later), hid and left thinking that my COP still lasts, I just stood there and waited, took aim at him, then drove away at the same time turning the turret.Z.U. A few times for e-100 is 1.5k damage.same for ob268, one time so pulled the fight, left one on one with the same ob268.

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Tip #13 Arta (artillery)

I have a top art t-92 and here are the chips I found on it.

  1. It is very important to place the arta correctly. For this you need to know the maps well and preferably put a mod with a "laser pointer" that the map was convenient to determine by shooting areas, the selected location.
  2. Arta has very powerful "BB" projectiles, Level 9 vanshots, tenth also are not happy to hit the artillery behemoth. But, unfortunately, arta has a large scatter of shells and hit by conventional gunfire, unlikely. So I do so, (usually on urban maps) stand in a place where you can shoot directly, as with the Pt, charging bb, take a probable place of the enemy and waiting for the appearance of the enemy should shot, when you hit the damage is terrible, cloaking network is very helpful.
  3. Aiming at an artifact with an ordinary projectile. (OF)The middle point in the sight, this is actually the point where, in theory, the shell should fall. There are a lot of guides, which states that this point should be pointed so that the second point (when you point it at the turret, arta owners will understand) should go behind the tank, it is like a continuation of the projectile trajectory. By experience I found out the following: the shell flies on a ballistic trajectory and I put a sight so that the point was one and was right behind the tank, then if we imagine the trajectory of the shell, it turns out that it will hit the side of the tank, below the turret, that is in the most vulnerable, in comparison with the projection of the turret, place (the probability of hit is more).
  4. Shot prejudgment on a moving target.Advice at once - put a mod with the time of flight of the projectile to the selected target, it gives, in comparison with the speed of the target, providing information about the selected distance of prejudice. Everything, of course, individually, there is a need to get a knack for it, but still displaying the time of flight of the projectile is very helpful. That is, the farther the projectile flies, the more you put the anticipation, plus the dependence on the velocity of the target, the target is faster, and the time of the shell is greater, the further you take the anticipation for the intended route of the target. Special kayf when you hit fast fireflies, thanks to the large splash, on the T-92 can roughly throw a shell to the point of the tank and 3 times out of five, will hit, or a little damage.
  5. Experienced opponents.These are tanks that maneuver back and forth to knock the artillery out of sight. That's exactly what will happen if you catch it aiming.Here's what you can do:People in principle think and act in a pattern and movement from the artillery, also a kind of pattern. So, it is necessary to look carefully at the amplitude of the tank movements and calculate a certain middle of the segment on which the enemy tank roams, the amplitude, so to speak, and, having guessed when it will start to return from one of the extreme points of its "anti-art" maneuver, throw the shell in the middle, based on the time of flight of the shell and the speed of the enemy. Do not be afraid to miss at first, everyone learns sometime, but learn to shoot ahead of time, it is very important, the faster you learn, the better for you and for your team.
  6. VanguishingOn many maps of the routes of the tanks are known about.Here, too, of course, all on the intuition, see the point and watch the objects (trees, fences, houses), they will prompt the enemy to the point or not. Estimate the speed of movement by breaking objects, time of flight of the projectile and make a shot, do not doubt, all the same lottery)). And the first minutes of fighting all the same, except for fireflies especially no one zasvetit.Effekt happens, and not infrequently. Indirect confirmation serve enemy swearing in chat or bewildered "how?

World of Tanks: tips, tactics, experience

Some more tips on artillery in one line

  • No tank as an artillery unit reflects crew perks and installed modules.
  • If you want to give a Damag need to invest in doseratel, drive. Also, I usually first shell put in the bushes where there are stable are PT sometimes lucky and brought a frag vanshotny (who plays a lot knows places where often or constantly stand allies, hence there are the same enemies)
  • More can be that the team is 2-3 artillery and you hit for example on one target and then the target disappears and the shells are already flying at one hitting the ground explosion i.e. misses the other goes tracer from a shell and suddenly disappears it is hitting an invisible tank.Svoditsya to this point and shoot
  • About vanguaging say, I point to a point on the map where there is destruction from the movement of the enemy and write in the chat go, ie, acting as a blind light.
  • If there are more than three artifacts in the team, tracing begins. I.e. artillery begin to hunt for each other.)) The fact is that when you look carefully in sniper mode, you can see the tracers from the enemy's shot. So we take to the place of the alleged location of the enemy and waiting for his shot. As soon as he shot, we quickly throw a shell in the place where he shot and quickly move away from the place. If you're lucky, you can immediately kill the enemy artillery. In one battle I managed to kill two careless artillery out of three.

Tip #14 First Minute.

As written above, it is not necessary to play the hero and go alone in any direction, if your team went in one direction.For example, KV-1 went to the alley, "Prokhorovka". That is, he saw that the ste did not go to the center, but still moved, on a heavy and slow KV-1, in the zone of likely light ste enemy, the center. The result - burned out. In this respect, there was more advantageous center.But if there is more or less equal consumption, then you have to think (preferably before the battle, based on their own technology and enemy equipment).If I'm on the artillery, then immediately look as and how many fireflies the enemy, for example on "Malinovka" if a lot of fireflies, then stand closer to the base, it if the lower responder, because the lake can pass and light.If the st, such as on "Utesh", go into the center, under the hill.That is the first minute of combat should be used in order to take the right position on the map, depending on the chosen technique. If calls for another player with him, on the efficiency of more experienced, you need to listen (this is if you do not know the map.) So there is a direct analogy with the network shooters, you need to have time to get to a tactically advantageous position, the place for which each decides for itself, based on the selected technique.

Tip #15 Additional equipment.

Previously, up to about 10 fights, did not put any additional equipment, except for a fire extinguisher, brutally stifled toad.But it turns out the toad is the same animal that has the property, miraculously, turn into a rooster, which as we know - a terrible bird.So, everyone should have three kinds of additional equipment on the tank is:

  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Repair Kit.
  • First Aid Kit.

Does it help? Certainly. The choice of what to buy equipment, naked or silver, it is up to everyone. My opinion, to use at random battles, noldovye devices - too fat.There were variations on the theme of additional rations, chocolate, etc., but again, it's the same question of expediency

The mystery of the third consumable.

I think that many people have encountered such a problem as choosing a third consumable.

  1. Repair Kit.
  2. First Aid Kit.
  3. So what's the third choice?

If your tank often burns, of course, you should make your choice in the direction of - fire extinguisher, and if it almost does not burn, then what good is using a fire extinguisher in one battle of 30? What then choose? Maybe gasoline?(Lend-lease oil, Quality Oil, 100-octane gasoline) Unfortunately, in the present realities of the game benefit from this consumable is very small. he cost, in contrast to the First Aid Kit and Repair Kit not 3000, and 5000 silver. The more so the first aid kit and repair kit can be unused and remain for the next battle, and for gasoline you will have to pay before each exit into battle.The increase in engine power in 5% is felt very weak or not felt at all. Those who say that after installing gasoline their tank began to fly or drive noticeably faster are guided by the usual self-humor and nothing more, and when you hear it from several people, then you start to believe it yourself. If your tank rarely burns, I recommend this set of consumables:

  1. Repair Kit.
  2. First Aid Kit.
  3. Large repair kit (fits all tanks)ORLarge first aid kit (recommended for British Pt-sau 5-9 Lv, due to the peculiarities of their armor the enemies often shoot at the turrets on the deckhouse, which leads to frequent concussion of the crew members).

The main advantages of such a set of consumables:

  1. You get a passive bonus from the Gold consumable, just because it is in the equipment slot. +10% to module repair speed. +15 % to crew protection from critical damage (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not).
  2. The cost of using this set of consumables is quite economical. After all, you first use a normal consumable, and only if necessary a large consumable, which is used about once every 3-4 battles, but the passive bonus it gives always.
  3. A panacea for land mines! Here comes at you a large-caliber landmine! It does not matter, from artillery or some E-100 and damages 2 or more important modules at once - BC and Engine for example. Earlier you could break your head for a long time thinking, "what to repair?" But with a large repair kit in your slot, you can repair all damaged modules at once and still have the normal repair kit in stock.
  4. You are always covered! For example, you get hit by a track and you wait to repair it, risking damage because you are afraid that if you use a repair kit, you might get damaged by a more important module. If you have 2 consumables, you don't have to wait for the track to be repaired, so you can save your HP knowing that you have 1 more consumable in reserve.

Note:If you play on the medium tank, or the gameplay of your tank reminds St and you think whether to pump repair the first perk, then I'll tell you a secret: installing two repair kit (small and large) without perk repair can do without at all. This is because the armor and the number of Hp at St usually is not enough to hold a large number of hits, so the main thing they have is the dynamics and speed. Two repair kits per battle is enough. And if you play on a light tank, then 2 repair kits you just need, because in the case of loss of the track (no matter how), during an active fire, your tank long will not live, not even help perk repair, because repair takes about 4 seconds, and during this time to shoot off at you does not have time to be lazy.Real advice, 2 remk kits is great.You get less damage in general, if they hit the track you use the small one, the big one you use very rarely, you just carry it as a repairing aid

Tip #16. Premium tanks in World of Tanks

It seems that premium tanks - this is the destiny of weak players who do not know how to ride on the free tanks.It certainly is not.The entire gameplay is built on the fact that users would contribute money. This is a premium account and naked tanks.Silver is needed to buy equipment for the fastest pumping branch of development for naked shells, and just for the balance of mind in terms of personal game budget.Difficult to advise what exactly the tank needs to buy for good farming, because in many ways it depends on the level and manner of playing each, individually taken player, but a small comparative analysis can be made.


Not for nothing this tank in the first place, in my opinion it is the best-selling premium tank in the game. Slow, but with a good armor turret (for its level), rounded "ricochet" shape, with an accurate gun, a relatively short FC and good firepower.


The tank is heavy, but in terms of speed it beats Leva, longer FC and large dispersion. It is reasonable to put a vertical stabilizer on it, to reduce the scatter, but despite all this, it has a very good damage and extremely ricochet turret, which allows under certain conditions, to deal sensitive damage to the enemy.

Yaga 8.8

Quality pt with very good armor on the front, terrific rate of fire almost a drum, high accuracy (syringe), but low speed and relatively weak penetration. At its levels can really drag the fight. Very happy with this machine.


Average armor, a large circle, but also high speed, high damage and fast reload. quite a good ptsta but, in my opinion, loses compared to the Yaga8.8.


In principle, not a bad tank, speed, accuracy, but too many disadvantages - cardboard armor and for her rather high profile, a small damag. Tanchik disappointed, my opinion - it is suitable only for what would pump the crew for the French technology. listed all that owned, the other did not go and probably more will not take, because for quality farm, enough of what is.

Tip #17. Strive for a workaround maneuver

Especially in the city. If already two or three allies swing around the corner with the same pair of red, it makes sense to bypass and hit in the rear and rear, if the bypass is blocked, it means that it is a threat of the enemy in our rear and it is necessary to hold-press. especially relevant for high-speed CTs, which often can not allow to fight in the front but perfectly punches in the stern and sides. If there is an opportunity for a bypass maneuver - use it by all means.

Tip #18, Think, think, and think again

Tanks are like chess, a modern version, only more players and variability, so more interesting.Sometimes olemener helps, once pulled the fight with 25% to victory, and with a smashing score. At the start of the battle in the chat agreed not to take risks and play from the defenses, the calculation that the team nagibatorov will rush to olorash justified.It happens the other way around, unfortunately.world of tanks tactics tips team combat

Team Battles

Tip #1

Never leave the flanks without an overview (that's what the proverbial T1, MC1 are for), it is fraught with the risk of losing capture.

Tip #2.

MUST DESTROY FOCUS, not different targets, but one target at a time. Many teams lose that way, leaving the unbeaten cars to win. It's as simple as 2 +2. A live tank is plus 1 gun, which does damage, sometimes decisive.

Tip #3.

Attack must be cohesive and simultaneous; do not stretch into a chain; Single strike force. In cases where two directions of attack (for example, 2 IS3 in the frontal approach the enemy, and 2 amh50100 in the rear - must attack simultaneously, so that the enemy was disoriented and broke formation)

Tip #4

Always save your vanshot allies by covering yourself, keep an eye on your allies, again on the principle of a live tank is a +1 gun that does damage.

Tip #5.

Well, it has to be worked out, not as easy as it seems. Many often get into a frontal wedge when attacking - the consequences are fatal: you have closed the enemy from the fire of your allies, they have the rear of your tank in their sights and cannot shoot, precious seconds are lost and the enemy, be sure, will use it to his maximum benefit. Again keep your eyes on the battle and your allies, so as not to block the enemy at the critical moment with your body. A little to the left or right, or drive into the enemy's sides/aft. Again, there are different occasions, but the point is not to interfere with your allies by closing their line of fire.

Tip #6.

Don't chase fragging and damag when you're in a vanshot state. If an ally is ready to drive into the rear of the enemy, it is better to wait, there is no reason to merge in vain. Often just thoughtlessly and stupidly merge the tank, although he could have survived. Greed ruins gentlemen.

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