WLPPR - the whole galaxy on your iPhone screen

There are tons of services in the App Store, and all over the global Internet, that turn your iPhone desktop into a real work of art. However, none of these services can offer such amazing iPhone wallpapers as WLPPR.

Some of the most popular wallpapers for iOS are dedicated to the theme of space. So, thanks to Apple's love of the galaxy, we all have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of intergalactic images on our cell phone screens.

WLPPR can be downloaded for free from App Store.

WLPPR WLPPR - is a wallpaper installation app that not only offers satellite images of space, but also collects them directly from space. The app is updated weekly with new images that you can download and install as wallpaper on your iPhone .

WLPPR The app includes the Original package, which is a collection of photos of our planet's most interesting places taken from space. Do you want your smartphone to look at you with the yellow eye of the Sahara? Or maybe you want to enjoy abstract drawings of the mountains of Tibet every day? Or the crooked "veins" of Bangladesh? All that can be on your iPhone screen in just a few clicks.

WLPPR В WLPPR four photo categories are available, one of which is completely free. One of the categories, called "Mars," can be unlocked by posting a link on Facebook or Twitter: This category offers you satellite images of the Red Planet of the Milky Way. If you imagine crossing the South Pole of Mars or exploring the layers of ice in the city of Inka, choose one of the 31 images, install it on your smartphone and enjoy the beauty day after day.

WLPPR As for the other two - paid - categories, you have to pay one dollar for them, or shell out $4 at once and pay a subscription to all existing and all future categories of images.

WLPPR Additional packages include the False Colors package, which offers images of strange phenomena taken from space, and the Mankind package, which collects satellite images of human-inhabited islands -- they can be purchased for $0.99 each. Or pay $3.99 and unlock all the collections covering all future content. The developers are currently working on a new Lifeless package, which looks like it will focus on images of the moon.

WLPPR Each image has additional brief information. That is, if you are wondering when the photo of Ubinas Volcano in South America was taken, click on the image and then click on the information icon in the lower left corner.

WLPPR When viewing images, of which there are many in the app, save them to Favorites. That way you can browse your favorite categories without worrying about losing your favorite pictures.

WLPPR When you find an image you like, tap the download icon at the bottom of the screen to send it to your photo library and add it to your home screen or lock screen.

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