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If you want a change, start by changing the wallpaper on your iPhone. Everything in life can eventually get boring. We avoid this, and constantly diversify it. Even something as small as the look of your desktop can cause boredom, discouragement, or even irritation. Choosing a new iPhone wallpaper is like buying a new outfit for your child. After such a makeover, you'll admire the former as well as the latter. And it's sure to lift your spirits.

Live and inanimate wallpapers for iPhone

The picture on your smartphone's home screen is the wallpaper. The iPhone wallpaper has a bitmap extension, and its size matches the screen resolution. There are also universal wallpapers that adjust to any size. This allows the entire work surface to be filled with a picture.

Live wallpaper - animated images that come into motion at will, from the touch or change of position of the phone.

Initially, these pictures were created to extend the capabilities of the desktop and prevent pixel burn-in on the computer. Later they became a commercially profitable product for developers. The latter set out to popularize them. Now you will have to work hard to find the one that will satisfy you in the Apple Store among the many offers.

Original iPhone wallpaper

You're sure to find a wallpaper you like on iTunes. Choose the best conditions for yourself: paid or free wallpaper applications. Choose wallpapers by theme: nature, animals, abstraction, space, science. Play with style and color. Carefully look at the compatibility with the device and operating system, to support special features such as the parallax effect.

Installing the wallpaper on your iPhone

Every iPhone has a set of "native" wallpapers in its arsenal. The latest version 12 of iOS introduces new designer wallpapers. The developers update them every time a new device is released. The new wallpaper will be available for all previous models. Thus, the owners of outdated phones will be able to get a little closer to advanced technology.

  • In order to change one wallpaper for another, you need to make a few simple manipulations.
  • Open "Settings" on your iPhone.
  • Click "Wallpaper. Go to "Select New Wallpaper".
  • Choose your desired image from one of the collections.
  • Finish by clicking "Select".

Fortnite wallpaper for iPhone

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