A profitable alternative to expensive iPhones

Many people think that a used smartphone is a bad purchase, because such a device will break soon. Others think that it is a pig in a poke, as it is unknown how a particular device will behave and what happened to it in its "past life". However, this is not quite true. Of course, if you buy a cell phone on the market, the probability of getting caught by an unscrupulous seller is high. But if you approach the issue more seriously and go to a specialized store, the risk is reduced to zero. Let's take a closer look at why.

A profitable alternative to expensive iPhones

Assortment of specialized stores

Unlike market vendors, stores meticulously check used phones. To get a gadget on their counter, it has to be:

  • in good exterior condition, no scratches and chips on the body and screen;
  • fully operational;
  • with a warranty that can be extended up to 1 year;
  • with all the necessary equipment (certified cable, unit);
  • with SIM-card support from any operator in the world;
  • with pure iCloud;
  • with genuine parts and accessories (possibly except for the battery).

Thus, only a working and usable smartphone can be surrendered. Moreover, those who tirelessly follow innovations can sell a phone that is no more than one year old.

How reliable are used iPhones

iPhones are considered the benchmark for good quality and reliability, as evidenced by the very small percentage of defects in the history of the company. Before they go on sale, iPhone 8 b/u is thoroughly tested by testing hardware and software functions, including:

  • operation of the fingerprint sensor and face reading sensor;
  • The accelerometer and gyroscope are in good working order;
  • The performance of the processor, speakers and microphones;
  • The clarity of the main and front cameras;
  • buttons, interfaces and screen (for functionality);
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

The external condition of the phone is also paid attention to. Broken devices are not accepted. They may have scratches, which can be concealed with a cover. This does not affect the functionality of the cell phone at all.

Most often in bad condition is the battery, which quickly depletes. In this case it is replaced with a new one. Thus, in the hands of the buyer gets the same iPhone 8 with similar functionality and pluses iOS, with all the necessary equipment, but for much less money.

What is it like, "iPhone 8"

iPhone 8 - your personal intelligence behind the glass! The rugged body of the smartphone is made of glass and aluminum. There are three color options in the line: "space gray", silver and gold.

Thanks to the latest casing, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting to take the charging cable. The sealed design not only protects your mobile from dust and liquids, but also allows you to charge it wirelessly.

The new display supports the extended color gamut of True Tone and 3D Touch technology, which made the image more accurate, and white and black balance is adjusted automatically. At the heart of the work is a fast sensor, a new color filter, as well as optical image stabilization 12 megapixel camera to create cool photos and videos.

The hardware is the latest A11 Bionic processor. Four cores are responsible for efficiency and run up to 70% faster than the previous A10 Fusion chip. Two more cores are responsible for the performance of the gadget, which has increased by 25%. With them, it is easy to forget about the problems of "hangs", "lags", etc.

A profitable alternative to expensive iPhones

How to choose a "used" iPhone

Take a few simple steps. First, check the package - the smartphone should come in a branded package, with a certified unit and cable. The second point is the IMEI. The unique number on the box should match the one on the phone. On the official Apple website, you can use it to find out more information about the device, right down to the date of manufacture.

Then twist the smartphone in your hands: see if there are any chips, press all the buttons, check how the screen and the camera work, whether it slows down. Of course, all this is thoroughly checked by experts, but an additional check, a glance from the outside never hurt.

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