iPad features: the main features of iPadOS 14.3

iPad with the updated iPadOS 14.3 operating system https://ipartner.com.ua/ipad1 attracts users not only by its high quality, but also by its capabilities. It is a great addition for everyone who prefers to use Apple electronics. In today's article we are going to tell you about the main features, characteristics and peculiarities of iPad with OS 14.3.

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iPad features: the main features of iPadOS 14.3


You can display widgets on the iPad with OS 14.3. Scroll to the right to open the app options. Drag the desired icons to the Home screen. You'll find the Task Planner, weather, maps, screen time, and currency exchange rates among them. You can choose from built-in widgets or add them yourself. However, you can't place applications in any area of the screen, like you can on your iPhone.

If you hold your finger on the screen of the device, a mode for desktop editing is activated. The user can move shortcuts, delete applications, group them into folders, and name them.


Changes have been made to the interface. The photo folder now has a side menu. You can use it to view images in folders. This way it is convenient to sort folders and search for the desired picture. You can also view photos by year, month and specific days. Especially important photos can be added to "Favorites".

Data from the cloud storage can be viewed via files. Scans of documents in PDF format are made from the applications. Search capabilities have also been improved. It is convenient to search for the desired files using dictation.

Smartphone function

The tablet can be used as a smartphone if the FaceTime option is active. The call will go not only to the iPhone, but also to other devices from the manufacturer. Calls can also be made from the iPad. With the voice assistant Siri you can call the desired contact or send a message.

Augmented reality

Do you want impressive photos? Then use the Augmented Reality app. Take photos and videos of wild animals, the fascinating water world, and various characters. Also use a similar app to simulate room design.

Working with text information

The Apple Pencil option will help you work with text. You can write text by hand and the iPad transforms it into printed letters. Also the application recognizes phone numbers, addresses and emails among handwritten text. Support for such an option made students and pupils especially happy. With its help, you can quickly and conveniently write down everything you need.


The messenger has also been optimized. At the top of chats you can pin up to 9 dialogs, so that you can quickly find the right one if necessary. In a group chat you can reply to a specific participant, quote messages.

Home app

App "Home" is relevant for users who have smart devices. You can use it to control your home and even monitor what's going on in it. Users can add to the app the electronics that need to be controlled. Provided that the devices also support this option.

iPad features: the main features of iPadOS 14.3

Web browser

Users who bought an iPadOS 14.3 tablet are enjoying an improved browser. Safari has become faster, measures for safe surfing on the Internet have been strengthened. Sites can be translated into 7 languages. There is a corresponding icon in the menu for translation. The Privacy Report function will show which websites wanted to get personal data of the user.

Other iPadOS 14.3 features

The operating system also gives you these options:

  • productivity increase;
  • support for mobile payments and digital wallet through the Apple Cash feature;
  • Apple Arcade game library;
  • Improving your dictaphone recording;
  • Adapting AirPods depending on the type of audio content.

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