What to play

What to play: the best new games of the week

What to play - almost like "To be or not to be" - is an eternal question. We recently wrote about this week's new releases, but the developers have delighted us with a few more great new ones.

What to play - almost like "To be or not to be" - is the eternal question. We recently wrote about This week's new releasesBut the developers delighted us with some more great new features.

  1. Dictator 2: Evolution

What to playAs a result of a military coup, you have become the dictator of a young democratic republic. You have unlimited power in your hands. Dictator 2: Evolution allows you to realize your most daring fantasies: to lead, make decisions, create an army and suppress riots. If you feel you have the makings of a leader of state, check them out immediately. 2. Basketball Stars™22222The world's best multiplayer basketball game for mobile devices from the creators of several sports game hits. Dribble the ball, put it in the ring, score points and win! Learn new moves, attack and defend, outmaneuver your opponents and get the ball in the basket, all in real time. In Basketball Stars, it's up to you to take the ball and surprise the world! KleptoCatskleptocatsPet games are still popular with a certain category of gamers, so don't be surprised by the appearance of KleptoCats. Yes, it is another game about cats, but it has the right to exist, given the large number of casual players who are ready to spend time taking care of and collecting virtual pets. Chrome Death44444444Racing games that rely on a single tap of the screen are appearing more and more on mobile platforms. In Chrome Death, you have to race through the city, making corners, avoiding obstacles, and do it exactly until a fatal collision catches up with you.5. I Dig It Remastered55555555The classic game I Dig It has been updated and has arrived on iOS devices. It features a combination of arcade and strategy elements, nice graphics, as well as 60 unique levels and a futuristic car with which you will be laying underground tunnels of various configurations.We think the question of "What to play" this week is solved. We look forward to more releases!

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