Tencent patents inheritance of in-game items

In-game items and items are now inherited

Tencent announced that it has filed a patent, which will allow to implement the functionality of transferring in-game items in its games, which for a second is millions of game players, by inheritance. If we consider a very crude example, that is, if a gambler has died in the other world, then his character and everything inside the game, that has worked hard, can be inherited - the children, for example. And if necessary, you can leave a will, where the objects are not heirs, but, for example, a friend or a friend of the game.

Game items can be inherited

This interesting fact is reported by Daniel Ahmad (Daniel Ahmad) on his Twitter. He found this patent, Tencent Corporation filed it back in March 2019.

This month, Tencent received a patent, originally filed in 2019, that deals with the inheritance of digital items and assets after a person's death.

While this patent isn't really about video games, it has sparked discussions online about inheriting game accounts and virtual items. - says Ahmad.

It is not completely clear how the patent will work and whether it will really be possible to leave a will. And how to prove that you are an heir, and what if there is more than one? All in all, there are more questions than answers. But a precedent has been set. It shows the strong influence of digital technology on the offline world, or rather the real world is going digital, becoming part of it. The prophecy is coming true)

Ahmad himself compares this patent to technology reported by Apple. Apple proposed to specify some kind of trusted persons (administrators) who, in case of misfortune, could gain access to a person's account. The patent, on the other hand, is not just about transferring an account, but also about transferring items within the game, i.e. a broader interpretation. Why create a whole patent just for that?

Tencent itself says nothing about it.

Just so you understand the scale.

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