Vivino: the best iPhone app for wine lovers

Vivino - wine ShazamThe app is a wine scanner, a photo bank with bottles, a "cinepointer" for wine lovers - what epithets this app has not received! In fact, everything is simple - it's a wine scanner that helps you find out detailed information about a wine from a photo of the wine label.VivinoWhat is it for, you may ask? All wine lovers will confirm to you the importance and necessity of this application. It can be really hard for the average consumer to remember all those Italian or French phrases. You have a drink and you immediately forget, and not because you were too drunk. Unless you are a wine expert, a professional taster or a sommelier it is really difficult to remember the brand, the year of production and the flavor nuances of a particular wine. All you need to do is to take a picture of a wine label and upload it to the app. The program analyzes it and compares it with its database. You can rate a tasted drink, write a note, you can read the opinions of your friends and their reviews and recommendations on where to buy this or that wine. With Vivino you create your own virtual wine cellar where you keep all the drinks you've tasted and liked.VivinoStatistics show that 92 percent of the photos uploaded to the app automatically find a match. A constantly growing database of more than six million wines from many wineries around the world. Vivino was created in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and now has offices in the U.S., India and, amazing as it may sound, in Lviv, Ukraine.This is how an app exclusively for wine became much more popular in a few years of its existence than any "non-wine" analogues - the same social networks "of interest". Today, any self-respecting iPhone holder takes photos of bottles no less frequently than selfies in Instagram, and then scans, posts and rates the wine like a real sommelier. As the saying goes: "In vino veritas" - "The truth is in the wine".Download from the App Store

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