Vine - a movie in six seconds

Vine is a completely free video hosting service developed for iPhones and other mobile platforms. The program allows you to shoot short 6-second videos and share them with other users. Like Instagram, Vine records videos in a square format. Many celebrities have already appreciated the app, which allows you to share happy moments with the whole world.Vine's trick is that you can only send videos in real time: you can't import videos that you've already recorded from your iPhone. Videos in the app are recorded at a particular moment. However, you can save this video to post it later. Vine users get a tremendous opportunity for creativity and gather viewers from all over the world in just six seconds.(null)Vine videos can be shared immediately via Twitter and Facebook. You can also embed videos into other sites. By default, Vine videos are created in a repeating format, like a gif, which is how they are viewed in the app itself and on any website on the Internet.Since Vine was first introduced, many competing services like Instagram have made it possible to upload short videos.(null)Instagram tried to raise the bar by allowing users to upload 15-second videos instead of Vine's 6-second videos. However, what speaks in favor of Vine is how creative people can be in such a short amount of time. That's why many users prefer to share short videos on Vine rather than other services.

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