Video: HTC commercials (beautiful)

Not so long ago we all together admired the commercials for Clash&Clans and Game of War, they can truly be considered iconic and beautiful. In a way, they are a breakthrough, a new trend, a trend. It's not really about the apps, but I couldn't get past it, it's too good a rap video. No more words, enjoy.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvjDtaCkacQРебят, it's a clip of a company whose profits last year were over $100 million. I'm not shocked. I'm asking far more interesting questions: How could company executives have missed this? What did the marketers who promoted it say? Who got how many kickbacks? Aren't they ashamed of themselves at all? In the song they threaten Samsung and Apple with something else. With that approach, they will bury themselves.

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