Valiant Hearts: The Great War game about the First World War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a game about World War I

World War I - easy, accessible, atmospheric

A mobile game for iOS called Valiant Hearts: The Great War It is unlike other games-it is not designed for entertainment, but to convey an important message. The idea that war is always bad, and that behind the achievement of political goals there is always someone else's tragedy. And this tragedy of an ordinary, "little" person will not be restored later by any honors, commendations, or diplomas.

As you know, in 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo served as the basis for the outbreak of World War I. The German Empire as part of the Triple (or rather, Fourth) Union declares war on France, the British Empire and Russia (Entente), which, in addition to political and social issues, raises the national problem. The protagonists of Valiant Hearts are members of the same French family--the farmer Emile Chaillon lives with his daughter Marie, son-in-law Karl (German by birth), and grandson. After war is declared, the French government decides to deport the Germans, causing Karl to be separated from his family. Then the authorities begin a general mobilization, under which Emile falls - he is sent for accelerated military training and then to the front. As fate willed, Karl and Emil will meet on both sides of the front, but we deliberately will not reveal the storyline, otherwise it will not be interesting to play.

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The player will have to go through almost the entire First World War, alternately playing as Karl, Emil, Freddy (an American volunteer soldier), Anna (a Belgian mercy nurse), and Walt (a dog). The game has quite a few narrative inserts and scripted scenes that introduce us not only to the next plot twist, but also to the military entourage. This is very valuable - you can carefully go through the game, climb into every corner and find objects lying around underfoot. They are all real military paraphernalia, be it a gun or a helmet, and there's a little fact about each of them: who used it and for what purpose. The game tells the story of war in a simple and accessible way - it is rare for any other title to be able to do something like that.

Gameplay and graphics in Valiant Hearts

The game is made in the genres of adventure and quest - we move around the location, perform tasks and trigger different kinds of triggers: run through minefields, lay mines and so on. The developers decided to reflect the game world with hand-drawn 2D graphics - this gives the game a completely different atmosphere, more personal, and the characters become even more simple. Because of this we are limited in movement - you can only walk forward and backward, which can be seen as a cynical attempt to show the pointlessness of military action and the complete lack of will. In war, everything is done on orders: the soldier goes forward, no "sideways" or "sideways.

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Interaction with the outside world is done with taps, and only for those items near which the action button appears. The following actions are also available in the game: you can climb over an obstacle (swipe up) or throw a grenade (pull back like in Angry Birds). Controls are intuitive, and there is not much of a choice.

The gameplay is sparse - you have to perform the same actions several times, because the game does not allow you to do more. Say, a car chase or opening a safe is repeated during the passage of Valiant Hearts, but the monotony of actions does not strain much. Equally so is the sameness of all the characters - apart from the protagonists the rest are made "identical", which may become another reference to the war, which does not tolerate individuality, and any person becomes the same gray mass. You can, of course, write it off to the laziness of the developers, but Ubisoft is not the company that can afford such a blatant hack job.

And a few words about the music - here the developers did their best. Not only is the game perfectly localized, but it also has great music, which constantly keeps you in suspense. The explosions everywhere, the moaning and crying of children, the "sobbing" notes - the atmosphere is eerie, and it's very cool.

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Learning at Valiant Hearts

An important gameplay aspect (the ability to find real objects) we have already mentioned. It is worth noting that the developers also collected material from military facts and real digitized photo cards for each game episode. What happens on the screen is very different from reality (mainly because of the graphics), but in terms of learning Valiant Hearts is a terrific product. Even scientists are talking about the benefits of gamification, and learning about World War I in the game genre is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Psychology in Valiant Hearts

We don't know how the game affected you, but the editorial team was definitely not indifferent. Ubisoft came up with a complex psychological plot - one family was divided into several parts, the son-in-law fights against the father-in-law because the country demands it. Now imagine that this is a real story, and there have been thousands of them. If you experience the events in the game, and treat it with great attention, it will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Valiant Hearts is not only a great action game with psychological and educational elements. It's a game that was made for a reason - it makes you think about the fact that the most valuable thing is not some money, but a family and a peaceful sky over your head. Games like this are very rare, and it's definitely worth the money (it's free, but with in-game purchases of episodes)!

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