Vainglory - the best mobile MOBA

Vainglory - the best mobile MOBA

If you like DOTA2 or League of Legends, you should download Vainlgory!

If we talk about mobile cybersports as a separate branch of sports, the full-fledged representatives of the genre are Clash Royale and Vainglory. The developers of both games have achieved serious success, as they invest money not only in the development of the titles, but also in the production, as well as near-game events. As a result, both games have full-fledged leagues, the top teams have their own squads and the final part of the competition is watched by almost 40-50 thousand people. Today we'll talk about Vainglory, and we'll try to tell you everything we know about it.

A little about the developers

Here we are going to make a little lyrical digression and first tell you about Super Evil Megacorp, which is actually engaged in the development, support and development of Vainglory. SEMC is a team of real professionals, who have been working in the industry for many years and they really know how to make games. The thing is that the most part of the developers come from RIOT Games, Blizzard and Rockstar and they were somehow or other connected with League of Legends, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Max Payne, GTA series and other incredibly popular titles. The company's CEO, Kristian Segerstrale, worked at EA and was one of the founders of Glu Gaming (these are the creators of the first mobile games that published over 180 titles). All the team members are obsessed with games and actively play not only Vainglory, but also a bunch of other competitive titles, so they keenly follow the desires of users. Moreover, some of them were involved in the organization of cybersports events, so "their" competitions were prepared on the level from the very beginning.

vainglory developers

Vainglory became known to the world in 2014 - it was Apple's choice to demonstrate the capabilities of the new Metal technology. The Cupertinians had just released iOS 8, and Metal was one of the most powerful features, which allowed to achieve serious graphical indicators without a heavy overload of the processor. The game created a real furor - no other engine could achieve such bright, clear and detailed graphics, and Vainglory quickly won the sympathy of users.

Moreover, Super Evil Megacorp made a full-fledged MOBA, which gave the developers a piece of "kudos" - there was no worthy mobile representative at that time, while the genre itself was very attractive. That's why everyone rushed to play Vainglory, and SEMC was only glad - they brought the game to order, "zerelized" the full-fledged client and launched the league. In August 2015, the first Vainglory World Championship was held, the finals were traditionally faced by 2 Korean teams (which had time to pick up the skills in such a short time interval), and the champions were the guys from Invincible Armada. Note how "mature" SEMC was about the organization of the event - staging, casters, host, a lot of spectators and a normal streaming.

How to play Vainglory

So, Vainglory is the ancestor of the mobile MOBA genre and probably one of the most popular titles today. For those who don't know, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is the most popular cybersport genre in which two teams fight each other in order to destroy the main enemy building. To do this, each player chooses a character with certain abilities - the set of skills determines the player's role in the team: leiner (playing on the line), jungler (swinging in the woods) and sopport (helping the leiner or jungler). Originally Vainglory was meant to be a 3x3 game, as the mobile screen at the time was not adapted for global battles, and there were not so many heroes. Heroes swing on creeps - weak units controlled by the computer, which appear at regular intervals. Creeps attack the first enemy they encounter, whether it's the opposing team's creep or the hero. There are towers on the line that have an impressive amount of health, and they must be destroyed to move closer to the main enemy building. The genre's ancestor is considered to be DotA Allstars - a custom map based on the Warcraft III engine, but over time it became a DOTA2 game in its own right.

Vainglory on PC

Now Vainglory has 2 game modes - 3x3 and 5x5, and the latter appeared relatively recently, and is clearly sharpened for modern MOVA. The thing is that now Vainglory is positioned as a full-fledged cross-platform game, which can be played from both PC and mobile devices. The game is sold through Steam and right now is in open beta testing - anyone can download it, but it does not run on all computers. The developers are actively collecting feedback from the players and does everything possible to ensure that before launching no one had to "dance with diamonds" - to fix some of the problems, you will have to go into the settings of PC and change something before running. It is clear that such a "crooked" client no one wants, but even now many of the game will not run. Let's hope that the next patch will fix everything, but even in this case Vainglory will lose its charm - PC players will definitely have an advantage over the "mobile" players due to the speed and accuracy, so not all users share the views of developers.

So, we downloaded Vainglory for the first time and went through a training session. We must immediately decide which mode we will play - we still recommend to get acquainted with the classic 3x3, as this way we can more quickly understand the gameplay. Also need to decide on the role, because that's how we select the pool of characters that we will buy, and determine the tactics of combat.

Roles in Vainglory


The laner is constantly farming - finishing off creeps and earning gold for further purchase of items that significantly improve his initial characteristics. This is a "thin" character, usually with little health and high damage, a typical damage dealer, dealing physical or magical damage. He is constantly in motion, moving around the map a lot, and laner players need high APM (actions per minute) - you need to move often on the line, so that the opponent does not attack you. Leave the line only if you have accumulated enough gold to buy an item, or if the health is critically low. Leiners often win games - sometimes they are called "kerries" (from the English word "carry").


In addition to creeps, there are neutral monsters in the forest - so as not to steal experience from the leyner, the jungler swings on monsters in the forest. They also give experience and money (in smaller quantities), but the junglers have a slightly different role - they often go to the line and put pressure on the enemy. You need to catch a zealous enemy leyner under or closer to his tower, or, when he's gone, skip the line - try to quickly kill the next wave of creeps and cause maximum damage to the tower (ideally - to demolish it completely). Or you can try to go into the enemy's forest and kill his monsters - then the other team's jungler will lose experience and gold, which will significantly slow down his pumping. Also, jungler controls the key points - mines (which are in the lower corners of the map) and Kraken. Junglers have in their arsenal of skills with "control" - stan or deceleration, often in their role to choose tanks.


Support heroes must be able to heal allies and have useful buffs or debuffs available. Their job is to scout the terrain and make sure the lineman or jungler doesn't die, often trading themselves for enemy heroes. Sappor is the most necessary and at the same time the most thankless role, because you have to constantly sacrifice yourself for the team. Sappors are often swung together with junglers - the experience is distributed between them equally, as well as gold, they also try to control the forest, but often go to the line themselves and help put pressure on it. Sappors can be both tanks and low health, depending on what kind of skill set and characteristics the team needs for a certain set-up.

Heroes in Vainglory

Based on the above, the heroes in Vainglory can be divided into the following categories:

  • Tanks - with more health
  • Shooters - dealing physical damage
  • Mages - dealing magical damage
  • Warriors - with good health and above average damage
  • Assassins - dealing enormous damage, but with low health

Obviously, the team must be chosen wisely - it should consist of characters that deal enough damage, have good survivability, can control the map, have some control or treatment. A meta of 3 tanks or 3 assassins won't work - such simple combinations can be "finished" by knowledgeable players, so you need to be guided not only by the game plan, but also by the opponent's spades. No one looks at this though - usually in custom games people take their favorite or just strong characters, and try to win.

The best characters in Vainglory right now:

  1. Baron (Leiner)
  2. Samuel (leiner)
  3. Joule (leiner, jungler)
  4. Celeste (Leiner)
  5. Gwen (Leiner)
  6. Yates (support).
  7. Magnus (leiner)

Vainglory Game Guide

First, you need to decide on a role - we recommend trying all three positions to understand how difficult it is to perform certain actions in the team. Each week a certain number of characters is available that you can try out - the rest will be unavailable to you, and you can buy them with in-game currency, which you get at the end of the matches. Images are bought with real money - here the developers have taken the League of Legends model, and DOTA2 players don't like it fundamentally, because they have all the characters available from the beginning. The cheapest heroes in Vainglory are Katrina (Sappor), Cat (Jungler) and Ringo (Leiner), we recommend them to buy in the first place. The thing is that thanks to them you will feel the game at each role to the full extent, because they are "pure" characters, sharpened for their position.

vainglory card

Ringo - typical ShooterThe enemy is a weapon that deals damage "from the hand" and requires little or no microcontrol. It should be collected in physical damage (red objects) and just shoot at the nearest enemy. You can learn hit and run on it - take a shot, then a step, then another shot, then another step, and so on. Such positioning on the line gives you the opportunity to reduce the time to reload the auto-attack, as well as make it harder for the enemy to hit you.

heroes in vainglory

Cat - typical janglerbut with a slightly lower amount of health. She is "scaled" (given a bonus) by crystal (magic) power, and she needs the appropriate items (blue). Her ultimates help to stop characters, which is quite handy in short skirmishes, since allies can come running to her in the meantime and help kill the enemy. She also does some serious damage, so you can learn ambush, instant damage, and stalking from the Cat. On top of that, she's also good at clearing the woods.

vainglory characters

Catherine - surprisingly atypical helpdeskShe can also be a jungler, and sometimes a juggernaut. Catherine has good health, can stun (stun) the enemy, and has 2 abilities that allow her to apply control effects. She's a great way to help a jungler in the forest, and can also be a lineman when the leyner is gone, help the leyner with line choke, or just stand around passively. Catherine is a great hero that is still appreciated among professional players, while being completely uncluttered by microcontrols.

vainglory builds

After you've tried playing on all lines, we recommend that you start familiarizing yourself with the free champions. Most of the characters in Vainglory are difficult to use - the developers are gradually switching from single-target skills to guided skills, that is, you don't choose a target, but shoot in a straight line and hope to snag the enemy hero. It's a lot harder, but it compensates for the good damage. Or you can go to the official website Vainglory and read information about the characters there, and then choose your favorite. Or, as an option, choose one of the above characters (which are in Tier S or Tier OP) to start winning right now.

In addition, remember that regardless of the role you choose, you need to help the other teammates to put mines to control the area (there are no wards here, unfortunately), as well as to take their mines to get bonuses. Well, and respond to what is happening on the map - for example, to sacrifice a few waves of creeps to help your allies in the castle in the woods, and so on. And in general, the skill comes with practice - without it you can't become a good Vainglory player.

By the way, we still recommend that you look at the website vgpro.gg- There's not only a list of the best heroes right now, but also the best builds, swing, and counter-peaks. Such services are very helpful at the peak stage if you play ranked games rather than castoffs - the site analyzes almost all games and gives you the best possible result based on dry stats. Extremely useful portal, recommended!

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