How to prolong the battery life - the universal mobile battery: the more the better

Not so long ago we were looking at, How to save iPhone battery lifewhen you don't have a charger handy. The tips are effective and very good Extend the life of your phone. It is worth telling about another way to extend the life of your phone. universal mobile battery. The simplest device that works as an energy storage device, and then gives it away, charging the device attached to it: phone, tablet, camera, etc.Agree, it's great somewhere in the trip, in a hike, in a trip not to think about where to charge the phone, to save battery, and enjoy the views, take photos, write texts, respond to e-mail, shoot video and not to think about that the phone will run out and there will be no place to charge.The choice on the market is quite large - starting from prices, ending with the amount of energy that the battery can accumulate. Here are just a few choices, not even tips. When choosing, I was guided by the amount of energy, the cost, and the design of the device. Either way, it's up to you to decide. The cost was taken from the outlet at the time of writing.PowerPlant PB-LA103. Cheap, angry, and youthful. Enough for 1-2 phone charges.http://rozetka.com.ua/powerplant_pb_la103/p1999902/PowerPlant PB-LA103 UMBDoca D536B. Youthful, aesthetic, and even with a flashlight. Enough for 1-2 recharges.mobilnaya-batareya-doca-d536b-2600mah-sinyaya-1Aspiring Mate 8. Classic and voluminous. Enough for three or four recharges.universalnaya-batareya-aspiring-mate-6-2.800x600w Defender ExtraLife 5200. Mine. It lasts for 3 charges.http://rozetka.com.ua/defender_extralife_5200_dual_83603/p386934/Defender ExtraLife 5200

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