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What's so special about Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch gadgets are wrist smartwatches created by Apple Corporation. The devices cannot be called just fitness bracelets, as they are multifunctional and useful assistants, with which you can take care of your health, monitor fitness activity, communicate with loved ones and do many other things....

Apple Watch saved an 18-year-old girl

Diane Rectenwold was attending church when her Apple Watch reported an excessively high resting heart rate. 190 beats per minute. At this rate of heart rate, a doctor should be seen immediately. After the incident, Diane's mother, Stacy Rectenwold, who works as a nurse, took the girl...

Training with the Apple Watch and more

Training with the Apple Watch

A cognitive experiment: which ways to get a perfect heart rate on cardio. How do you workout with your Apple Watch and other gadgets? Read in this little review.What works? The Apple Watch 3 is the ultimate workout and workout assistant. The only downside on very active cardio...