Ultimate General: Gettysburg - the most anticipated strategy for the iPad

Yesterday saw the release of the most anticipated strategy for the iPad - Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Yesterday saw the release of the most anticipated strategy for iPad - Ultimate General: Gettysburg. PC users have been playing this game for six months.Ultimate General: Gettysburg - is a colorful strategy game that takes place in real time. The events of the game tell the story of the American Civil War. As you can see from the title, special attention is paid to the battle of Gettysburg, which took place in Pennsylvania.During the combat, you will need to take into account the surroundings and terrain, hide in hiding places and organize ambushes. However, you must remember that your enemy will perform the same actions. As the developers from Game Labs assure, the artificial intelligence of new game is at its best, and it will be not so easy to defeat computer without tactical maneuvers.screen1024x1024By the way, among the developers are people who previously participated in the creation of such famous games as World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, IL2-Sturmovik, RaceRoom, Metro and STALKER.When looking at these names, it becomes clear that the game worked on the real craftsmen who can make a good product. And if we take into account the average score of 84 points on Metacritic, we can safely say that the developers have managed to make an excellent game.Download Ultimate General™: Gettysburg for iPhone, iPad ($7.99)

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