Ulala: Idle Adventure - Endless Journey into the Age of Dinosaurs

How to catch a pet? Which character is better to play in Ulala: Idle Adventure

The global release of Ulala: Idle Adventure is an endless dinosaur-era game. Something in between NonStop Heroes, NonStop Knight and genre of games where you have to endlessly run run run run plus there is quite a significant social component. Overall, I think the game is more or less a success, but let me take a closer look and also give you a few tips before you start playing it.

How to play Ulala: Idle Adventure

First. The game is seasonal. That is, from time to time the game resets to 0 and you have to start over again. Of course, the progress quickly regains, in addition, some perks will remain and move from season to season. So you don't have to worry too much about resetting the game. Plus, the game has the ability to play seasonally, and there is the option to play indefinitely. Everyone chooses their own competitive level.

How to catch a pet? Which character is better to play in Ulala: Idle Adventure

At the beginning of the game you have to choose a character for which you will wagering. It gives a rich choice (hello WOW) of classes of heroes:

  • Assassin
  • Hunter (hunter)
  • Druid
  • Warrior
  • Shaman
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Gladiator

Choose a class according to your role in the team. A team is four people. Let's look at each class separately.

What does the game even look like?

The best hero class in Ulala: Idle Adventure


A character that deals a lot of damage in close combat and moves quickly across the battlefield. It's a good choice if you want to do a lot of damage. It also rides pets), but has survival issues.

Attack  - 9/10
Support  - 6/10
Survival  - 7/10


A bow and arrow is the hunter's main weapon. He also shoots increased damage at enemies with vulnerability to fire. If you want to be the best attacker in the wacconda, the hunter is your choice. Excellent damage and good survivability.

Attack  - 9/10
Support  - 5/10
Survival  - 8/10


Can take various forms, the main healer of the team. Probably the best snapper in the game. Heats himself and his team, which allows him to beat bosses longer. It is clear that his attack is not much.

Attack  - 6/10
Support  - 9/10
Survival  - 7/10


Using the hammer, like Thor, creates tons of damage. Also a great attacker, and also able to survive without the additional heal, which, by the way, will not be superfluous. The choice of tough guys.

Attack  - 8/10
Support  - 7/10
Survival  - 9/10


Summons totems that deal damage and heal the team. The choice between shaman and druid is difficult, but purely as a preference for the class. Their hit rate is about the same. The only thing is that the shaman is more "thin".

Attack  - 6/10
Support  - 9/10
Survival  - 5/10

The Magician

Crushing magical damage. Nothing much to add, there are problems with survival.

Attack  - 9/10
Support  - 5/10
Survival  - 6/10


The build should be built around fire, where Warlock has increased damage. One of the classes in the game where everything is balanced: attack, survivability and support. Choice of Champions.

Attack  - 9/10
Support  - 8/10
Survival  - 8/10


And finally - the main "tank" in the game. He takes most of the damage and allows the other teammates to take damage.

Attack  - 8/10
Support  - 7/10
Survival  - 9/10

Let's continue.

What to do at Camp

Such a parking lot, where the main buildings stand, let's see which ones.

  • Capture - catching pets and training them.
  • Cook - we make bait for food. The ingredients are bought at Black Market or collected during the trip.
  • Black Market - market. You don't have to buy anything.
  • Mystic Realm - the place where you can find the Enchanting Book needed to enchant armor and weapons above level 25.
  • Storage - all collected stuff, unnecessary - disperse. Do the same with spells.
  • Skill Chest - You can knock out spells randomly. It is better to collect 500 starfish and then summon them.
  • Broadcast Station - keeps you informed about the situation on the server.

How do I do all the tasks in the dailies?

For completing the task - you get starfish, that's quite a currency. And with it you can buy new spells. After completing all the spells, you can get a wish coin.

  1. Cook something in Cook
  2. Set a new spell. A little trick. You can put an ordinary "green" spell instead of an epic spell and immediately return the epic spell. The task will count.
  3. Release a pet. To perform this task, you must constantly catch animals so that there will be someone to release. I don't recommend releasing all of them at once, one at a time will be enough. It is clear that we release all the green and blue. Epics and legends to keep. By the way, It is from the epics that the points for training the peth fall out.
  4. Going out once. Mystic RealmBut this is only after level 25 and passing Chiwawa Gorge 40.
  5. Once to change your skils.

That was me describing my current ones. But they change every day. There are also these:

  • Buy something in the marketplace.
  • Bothering the saleswoman at the Marketplace requires poking her several times 🙂
  • Spray an object.
  • Take down the boss.

Tips and tricks for passing Ulala: Idle Adventure

  1. One of the most key tricks of the game is the social component. Playing and winning alone is unrealistic. Only in a team. Only in a well-coordinated team, in which there is an attack, survivability and support. So if you - 4 friends, this game is for you, you can really get into the top.
  2. Upgrade weapons as much as you can. And yes, it takes a full team to level up items above level 25 to pass Mystic Realm.
  3. Spells, as long as there are no epic spells, put what you have. After that, replace them with epic ones.
  4. The level of items and spells stays the same, even if it changes to another item or another spell.
  5. At level 16 you can tame a pet. It is tamed with food.
  6. If the team does not have enough players - they are equipped with the usual. But they are much weaker, so it is desirable to gather a complete pack.
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