Uklon launches Uklon Share travel sharing service

Uklon launches Uklon Share travel sharing service

Ukrainian online service Uklon launched a new product  Uklon Sharewhich allows passengers to share rides with each other. Now the app will not only be able to find you a car to pick you up at the address and take you to your destination, but will also find you a hitchhiker  with the optimal route.

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"Now when you call for a car, you can select Share service in the line where the car classes are listed. Once you have entered your route, the app will first search for a hitchhiker with a similar route and then find a driver who will pick you up at the specified points and take you each to your destination. This will not only save passengers money, but also relieve the traffic in the city. It's also important to us that this product can help reduce the amount of emissions that pollute the air. - says Sergey Smus, co-founder and chief operating officer of Uklon.

Uklon launches Uklon Share travel sharing service

In the initial version, the trip can only be shared with one companion because of security measures during quarantine. But, the company is also considering increasing the number of potential  companions in the future.

Uklon launches Uklon Share travel sharing service

"For us, the quarantine was not only a shake-up, but also a strong motivator to work even faster and do everything to help people expand their comfort zone with our online service. This applies both to a more "comfortable" price for those who already use Uklon quite often, and for those who can see in the Uklon Share product a possible alternative to public transportation. For us the main task at the launch stage is to get as many registrations of potential users as possible, because it will depend, first of all, on how quickly you will find a companion in every possible area"., -  comments Vadim Ischenko, marketing director of Uklon.

Bye Uklon Share is available only in Kiev, but after the company plans to expand its shoring coverage to all cities of its presence.

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