Using Touch ID for customer identification at banks

British banks introduced biometric fingerprint identification for the iPhone

The Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest Bank have announced updates to their applications for iPhoneNew updates have made it possible to support Touch ID - biometric fingerprint identification. Because this feature has been compromised in the past, today's version does not give access to all elements of the app. Available only to owners iPhone 5siPhone 6 и iPhone 6 PlusThe feature requires additional confirmation to access money transfers and other account transactions.Ben Schlabs of the German research center SRLabs urged owners to iPhone not be afraid to use the new feature. According to him, the very fact that you carry your keys everywhere and leave copies of it wherever you show up doesn't pose too many risks if you treat it with some responsibility.As Schlabs said, while there are security risks involved (as with any other identification system), users need not worry, as there have not been a single report so far (that he knows of personally) of the sensor iPhone This is not bad food for thought, because previously the company Apple stated that Touch ID will not be a full-fledged replacement for traditional security measures, but will simply provide consumers with the convenience of use.

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