Top 5 cloud VPS-servers for WordPress

Top 5 cloud VPS-servers for WordPress

Best VPS for Wordpress

Choosing a cloud server to run WordPress is not an easy task. You have to consider many important factors without leaving anything out. In this article, we've made a selection of the 5 best cloud hosting sites for WordPress.

  1. SiteGround for WordPress

This is an ultra-fast and maximally automated platform vpswhich provides round-the-clock technical support services even on weekends. One of its main distinguishing features is that hosting does not stop working if several servers are running in parallel. This will be a big plus for you, no matter what project you start: a small web page or a huge attended resource. There is a separate development option for each of them, which includes the following stages: initial stage, business plan, business plus and super power. The cost will range from $80 to $240 for one month, depending on 4 parameters: processor speed, memory, disk capacity, data transfer. The most attractive option is the ability to design the plan yourself and choose the parameters you want.

SiteGround is also compatible with Magento, Drupal and Joomla. The hosting has a few more interesting features:

  • One of the most common cPanel software with WHM with ample resale possibilities.
  • Reliable e-mail spam filter.
  • Softaculous auto-installer of scripts.
  • Exim Mail server with advanced mail features.
  • 5 PHP versions and HHVM.
  • The IPTables utility is a simplified Firewall.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Free dedicated IP and personal DSN-server.

2. Digital Ocean Cloud VPS for WordPress

On the home page of this vds-It says: "These scalable computing services are more than just virtual machines. The cloud server here is called a drop or droplet. Perhaps the term is used precisely because a small shared hosting service is a drop in a huge company called Digital Ocean.

Droplet is a virtual platform with additional storage, enhanced security, and continuous monitoring capabilities. You can choose any of the available platforms: standard or optimized. They have 8 data centers with reliable connectivity all over the world. You can connect to any of them.

In order to use droplet you need: to choose one of the preinstalled programs (Ubunutu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, CoreOS, FreeBSD) and run it in 55 seconds, or use one of the 14 proposed applications on the site and start hosting in one click.

The benefits of using:

  • Availability of SSD-disk in any tariff plan.
  • Securely protect your system through a cloud-based firewall.
  • Ability to expand storage.
  • The low price of registration is $5.
  • Extensive opportunities to develop your site.

3. Google Cloud VPS for WordPress

This is the best cloud VPS server for hosting WordPress. The computing infrastructure is common to all Google products. The hosting uses Gooogle's core database infrastructure. If your website accidentally gets infected with a virus or traffic unexpectedly increases, the resources on the server will automatically update and the virus will be detected and destroyed.

The platform provides the perfect mechanism for hosting a database. Managing the data is no problem for you. The global network is very fast - 18 regions, 225 countries, 134 EDGE points are connected. You have a lot of options available to you: you can easily control hosting and access to resources running on this platform, to be sure of reliable protection from Google.

4. Amazon EC2 Cloud VPS for WordPress

To get secure, power-configurable resources in the cloud, turn to Amazon EC2 Cloud VPS. This hosting is designed to make it easy for developers. You can easily change the power, because you'll have complete control over computing resources in your hands. In a few minutes, you can change computing power thanks to elastic resources and control instances, get root access and other features.

There are several options to start using Amazon EC2: AWS management console, command line or AVS SDK. The low price for using the service is ensured by the fact that you only pay for the computing resources you use. The security services work great. The network architecture and data centers were designed specifically for organizations with strong security requirements.

5. OVH Cloud VPS for WordPress

This hosting has VPS and cloud storage capabilities. There are three different packages, costing $8.95, $17.91 and $33.59 monthly, which can be used for different operating systems - Linux or Windows. If you need a multitasking server, this one will work, too. The site offers three package options with different CPU core supply voltages - 2 vCores, 4 vCores, 8 vCores and costs - $44, $86 and $150 per month respectively. Bandwidth reaches 100 MB/s for unlimited traffic. Anti-DDoS protection against network threats is also provided.

Next we will talk about a few optional features available to you in this hosting service.

  • You can reboot and reinstall many times using the control panel.
  • Thanks to a flexible control panel, information about your VPS is always available for constant monitoring.
  • Backups can be done in three different ways: creating a snapshot copy, resorting to the automatic option, or multi-protocol backups. Each of these methods has a different cost.
  • Additional on-demand storage is also available.
  • You can use 16 different IP addresses to optimize SEO.
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