10 best beauty apps for girls

10 best beauty apps for girls

Every girl would like to try on a new hairstyle, shade or color of lipstick. But doing it spontaneously is difficult and risky. Thanks to a huge variety of mobile applications for iOS and Android, it is now easier to find out the latest trends from the world of cosmetology, buy or prepare hair masks, or create a new online image using your own photo.

Top 10 best beauty apps

Let's highlight the top 10 apps our readers use to stay on top of the beauty industry, pick up a hairstyle or new makeup, and more in 2020:

Beauty & self-care tips

The top app to help a girl keep her hair and body in check, take care of her face, follow weight loss actions, work on her figure and read 257 beauty tips from the world's leading beauty bloggers.

10 best beauty apps for girls

For a convenient search, all articles are divided into categories. You can use the search bar to find an article of interest. The articles you like can be saved as favorites. Don't forget to rate articles after reading, so that other users can understand how useful the material was.

Pay attention to the programs "Water control" and "Meditation". They will allow you to keep your body toned.

Use the tips of the app and stay young and beautiful as long as possible!

Download for free at AppStore or in Google Play.


It is characterized by easy management and a huge amount of information. There you can read news from the world stars, make purchases, leave reviews about such brands as Anna Sui or ILIA, watch beauty videos. That's why the app is considered a whole social network for communication about beauty and style;

Download for free Beautylish for iPhone и for Android.


This is an English-language constructor that will help you choose the shade of nail polish and the length of your manicure. Although the binding goes only to the color palette of the company OPI, whose nail polishes everyone has in their cosmetic bag, maybe even in a single copy. The colors are searched by the name of the range and collection;

Download for free OPI for iPhone и for Android.


A project that was created on a crowdfunding platform. Its value lies in the fact that a girl can create any drawing or print, then save it and print it as a manicure sticker of the desired size;

Download for free NailSnaps for iPhone и for Android.

Ultraviolet is responsible for determining the level of ultraviolet light at the desired point on the globe. Now you can set the point, after which the index of UV exposure, tips to protect the skin with cream, recommendations, whether to wear a hat, whether to go anywhere at all will be displayed. This app will appeal to all those who are planning trips in the near future;

Download for free Ultraviolet for iPhone and for Android.


Every perfectionist will like it when it comes to eyebrow correction. Here you can choose from a mass of shapes, shades, apply your eyebrows to a photo of your face, tweak them. The app also offers tips on how to choose the shape of your eyebrows that will fit your face;

Download for free Eyebrows for iPhone и for Android.


To use ModiFace You have to take a picture of your face in profile, without makeup and of good quality. After that, you can use ready-made celebrity images, try on new shades of lipstick or haircuts. The main disadvantage is that the main effects are only available in the paid version;

Download for free ModiFace for iPhone и for Android.


It takes care of sourcing foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. You will like the app only if you use it on a big screen, so you can apply detail;

Download free ColorMirror for iPhone and for Android.

Women's secrets

This is not just an app, but a real magazine about beauty, fitness, hair and makeup. It offers many ideas and tips for taking care of yourself at home;

Download for free Women's secrets for iPhone and for Android.

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Performs the functions of photoshop, because the app offers retouching options using mascara, foundation, bronzer, lenses, and shadows. You can save your finished photos or send them to social networks;

Download for free Mary Kay Virtual Makeover for iPhone и for Android.


Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials and Hairstyles is the largest social network dedicated to beauty and style. It offers not only tips, but also video tutorials, master classes and even in-store shopping. The minus is that the app is not optimized for Russian-speaking users, and there is no delivery in the CIS countries;

Download for free Beautylish for iPhone и for Android.

Every beauty app deserves to be the best, but the criteria for judging such apps will be very different: tips, services, social media, retouching and more. This is an incomplete list of the functionality that exists for the apps that girls use to be beautiful. Therefore, every app is the best and should be in every girl's phone!

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