Top add-ons to follow FIFA World Cup 2018 for iPhone and iPad

Top 8 best add-ons to follow FIFA World Cup 2018 for iPhone and iPad

Once again the soccer season begins! The time has come when the 32 greatest teams from around the world are fighting for one cup and the title of Champions. Filled stadium, crazy crowd, all the fun of colors and players who dream to win the gold. As a sign of success, they try to become the best and make the FIFA World Cup a Mecca for soccer fans.

But watching soccer is one thing, but really loving it is another, especially in our fast pace of life. So, I present you the best add-ons for your smartphone to follow all the latest events at the World Cup 2018, which is held in Russia, directly on your iPhone and iPad.

Official FIFA addendum

The official FIFA supplement can be universal for all news of the championship. It contains information about the teams, winners, points and everything else to keep you up to date. Start by selecting your favorite team and the addendum will send you real-time updates on their matches and scores.

Also, if you can not watch the match live, this program has another function - it has a section where you can read the text broadcast of the match. There are the last goals scored and the analysis of the match.

Download it for free: Official FIFA addendum

Free Download: Official FIFA addendum

2. onefootball

Onefootball is an unofficial supplement for matches around the world, not just the World Cup. Moreover, it is a favorite add-on of the iphonehacks.com community. Having a similar design to the previous program, it allows you to watch closely any soccer game, statistics, team news and even more, so you never miss a thing.

But the main advantage of this add-on is a comprehensive analysis of past matches, which are structured in an easy and understandable form.

Onefootball also has another feature called the FanZone, where fans can express their opinions and comment on their teams' performance and the match. This makes watching the game with your friends in the neighborhood pub enjoyable, even if you're at work.

Download Onefootball without any problems.

Download Onefootball for free.

3. Livescore

If you want simplicity, Livescore will be the best choice for you. This add-on makes just one part, but it does it very well. Thanks to the detailing, the add-on provides a full gaming experience on your iPhone and iPad.

The program has a nice dark interface where you can watch the game live, receive a message in real time, see the layout of the future games of certain teams and many other things.

The spouting system is very detailed and accurate. You will receive a message about your favorite team and players.
There is also a page of comments during the match. And also it should be noted that the addendum evaluates the productivity of each player in this or that game.

Download Livescore withoutkoshtovno z AppStore.

Download Livescore for free from the AppStore.

4. Eurosport

Eurosport is an add-on for those who do not want to miss a single event in the world of sports, especially if these sports are popular in Europe. One mobile program combined in their updates gambling, their distribution, informative messages and news in a friendly design. And if you do not want to read too much, eurosport is one of the programs that has a video summary of the events.

Of course, you can choose your favorite team and follow their successes, just like in other add-ons. This universal program gives you the opportunity to see how the world community reacts before and after the match.

Download Eurosport kkoshtovno

Download Eurosport for free


The espn add-on can be considered the father of all sports add-ons on the iPhone and iPad. Here you will experience the same feelings as on the espin channel, no matter what kind of sports you like.

Although it does not have such extensive features as, for example, onefootball, but it has everything you need: team scores, game distribution, team status, spokes, and so on. The main reason to use this very add-on is that you may have it already installed and you do not need to download and get used to something else.

Download ESPN Without any charges from the AppStore

Download ESPN for free from the AppStore

6. Forza Football

The main advantage of this add-on is its small size and quick loading at full Internet access. Sometimes it is very important and the larger programs, such as espn, can update the tourney table in about 2-3 weeks. But thanks to this add-on, you can find out the results very quickly.

The cool and simple design of forza gives you detailed and organized information about the referees and each of the players, such as their weight and age, their home town.

Of course, the results of past matches are also available. Such detailed information may not seem necessary for ordinary fans, but is important for real fans who follow the world of soccer.

Download Forza Football withoutkoshtovno z AppStore.

Download Forza Football from the AppStore for free

7. 365Scores

365Scores is the best way to look back at games you missed. This addendum, in particular, has a reference to video clips with the most exciting moments and goals of the matches. In my opinion, it is a very simple way to stay on top of the events.

Along with the standard functions, such as points, ratings, the user can chat with other fans.

Download 365Scores kkoshtovno

Download 365Scores for free

8. Stats Zone

Stats Zone can be called a must-have add-on for the 2018 FIFA World Cup because it uses OptaData technology to show statistics and even predictions for future matches, allowing you to be "ahead of the game. Another feature is access to new articles from their website.

And a little tip for readers. How to add the soccer matches to your iPhone.

Download Stats Zone Without any charges from the AppStore

Download Stats Zone for free from the AppStore

How to synchronize FIFA World Cup 2018 with the iPhone calendar?

If you need to know the date and time of each game, as an option you can simply download the roster to your calendar on your iPhone or iPad.

This is very easy to do with iCalShare. This service automatically adds quarterfinals, semi-finals and even the final match to your calendar, as long as they are recorded in the schedule. Do not blame for the difference in time, it is set independently according to your time zone. You won't get lost and won't miss a single match!

  • Kroc 1. Open this page iCalshare FIFA Football World Cup 2018.
  • Crock 2. Click the "Subscribe to calendar" button.
  • Crock 3. IOS asks you if you want to subscribe to the calendar. Click on "subscribe".
  • Crock 4. Press "Done" on the next splice.
  • Croc 5. Now you can open the calendar and there you will see all the events of the championship. Click on the "calendar" button at the bottom and there will be FIFA World Cup 2018 in the list of your signatures. If you click on the "i" sign, you can change the name and color of this calendar.
  • Crock 6. When the championship is over, it's easy to get rid of the calendar. Open the settings, go to "accounts and passwords" -> "signed calendars" -> "fifa world cup 2018" -> "delete account".

You no longer think about the difference in time zones

For a true soccer fan it is very important to be prepared for matches, due to different time zones, teams, the state of the standings and the pre and post-match reaction of the fans. It is equally important to know the latest news about the players, teams' strategies, read the game analysis, the list of trends and ratings.

These easy-to-use and well-designed add-ons allow you to watch the competition in real time and keep abreast of all the events without interfering with your business and work.

Do not miss the FIFA World Cup 2018 and enjoy it with these handy add-ons for iPhone and iPad.

Author: Pavlo Sukhonos

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