Top Eleven - soccer manager

Top Eleven - soccer manager with Mourinho

God knows how much Nordeus (the developer and publisher of the game) paid Jose Mourinho, but the fact remains that he is the face of Top Eleven. Not a bad face, to put it bluntly, for a soccer manager. Be warned, Top Eleven, the soccer manager, is not childishly addictive. Plus, it's a constant, everyday game. And you have to understand that if you want to reach really high peaks, you can't do without donations.

"I'm not the best coach in the world, but I don't think anyone is better than me," J. Mourinho.

Top Eleven - soccer manager

FreeDownload for free at the link: https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/top-eleven-be-football-manager/id459035295?mt=8You have a career as a coach with your own team. After choosing colors and team name, you dive into the details. The details are not that detailed, much is simplified, but the spirit of competition is present, and even the donation does not kill it. Until you decide to become the champion of the whole game. This is where you have to give in with the Korean and Indian moneybags, in the truest sense of the word.Top Eleven - soccer managerWhat is available in team management? Tactics - banal move koloboks, training - as much as 3 types, transfer market is based on the internal type of currency - token - every bid for a player - minus a token. Tokens can be bought - the easiest way, it is a donation, the standard - conclude a contract for a token per day. We build and develop the stadium and near-football buildings. In one of the first queue to build a children's academy for growing their own players and hospital, which will produce the necessary medical supplies.Gain bonuses for brought referrals. Who is interested - write, send an invitation Smile)).1379634_409425185853520_1132830245_n Top Eleven - soccer managerAll in all, a good game, I like it. It takes no time, 10-20 minutes a day is enough.After playing for a while, I want to give you some tips.

Tips: Top Eleven - soccer manager

  1. Connect your friends to the game via Facebook (Facebook).The main point is to exchange items: first-aid kits, chips, etc., which is extremely important
  2. Attend the match.First, the morale of your players will be higher. Second, you will get an extra first aid kit.
  3. Place your bets at the last minute.The bottom line is simple: the last bet wins. If the Internet allows, you can buy good players in the last seconds.
  4. Game tactics.If you like to play the classic 4-4-2, it is better to play on the flanks, at the same time, if you play with the center - specify to play through the center.
  5. The importance of playing up the lineup.I've noticed that a new player needs some=some time to play with existing players. So don't expect stellar play from a star rookie immediately after a transfer, it takes time - 10 to 20 games. I also don't recommend changing tactics often.
  6. The foundation is the key to stabilityCreate a backbone of 16-18 players with a backbone of 11, and try to play them. There is no point in buying more players - only to inflate the salary budget.
  7. The goalkeeper is not half of the teamSomehow I ended up with one keeper for all seasons. It's not real life, so a broken goalie can always be treated with first aid kits, and if he's removed or injured in the course of a match, you can put a striker in his place.
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