Top 5 best mobile games of 2018: Part 1

Top 5 best mobile games of 2018: Part 1

Here is the first version of the top 5 best mobile games of 2018 according to apps4.life

The best way to start a new year is to sum up the results of the old one - we in the editorial team decided to write the top 5 mobile games of 2018, but could not come to a common denominator. We had to release a whole series of articles (this one is the first on the list), dedicated to the best mobile games of 2018 on iOS, which can be downloaded from the App Store. The games will be placed out of order, because it is not really possible to choose the best one - they are all very much liked.

Brawl Stars

To be honest, I'm not a fan of Supercell, and of all the projects, I've only played Clash Royale a lot. And I still think it's the best mobile eSports game of 2018. So when Supercell announced the release of Brawl Stars with a description like "it's Overwatch, only with a view from above" (quote from one website), I wanted to believe that they will have a product at least as good as the previous one. And indeed, so far the game lives up to expectations - it has a low entry threshold, it doesn't make you over-donate, but it's demanding on the player's personal skills.

download brawl stars for free on iphone

However, with the cyber-sports component it is not good yet - it is not clear which mode to force. The most popular modes are considered to be the capture of crystals 3x3 and the battle royal (every man for himself). The other modes such as soccer, capture safe, and so on are more like entertainment modes, and they do not build a competitive process. However, if we draw an analogy with computer games, Quake had a capture the flag mode (which, by the way, is also in Overwatch), which are similar to capture the safe, but they are not popular.

Nevertheless, I liked the game very much, and for the last couple of weeks I've been playing it only. Each character has its own characteristics - different attack range, number of lives, ultimatum abilities, which makes the gameplay for each character significantly different. It's cool - in total there are 22 different characters from each other, from such a large pool you can find a character to your liking. I recommend Nita - one of the top "brawlers" today, and although it comes out at the beginning of the game, does excellent damage, has useful for the team super, to micro-control is not demanding. We wrote Brawl Stars review, read it.

Asphalt 9

How much money would Gameloft make if it continued to develop competitive Asphalt as it was during the World Cyber Games? Probably significantly less than now - because it's much easier to limit players to in-game time with in-game energy and let them buy it with real money. And cars can be upgraded with money. And parts can also buy for money. And in general, do everything to ensure that without the money was well, well, hard to pass the campaign. But not too hard, otherwise the game will simply be deleted, and the money will not come in.

asphalt 9 legends

Substitute Asphalt 9 Legends offers almost the best graphics and intuitive gameplay, a bunch of licensed cars (which most players won't see in real life), and lots and lots of tracks adapted to famous cities. This happens every year, and every year more and more users are willing to donate to Asphalt because it is objectively the best racing simulator in the App Store, and no one else can even come close to Gameloft's success.

Nevertheless, I would like the company to return to its roots and continue its work in the competitive sphere. Because mobile eSports is a new stage in the development of mobile games, and it would be bad if the company, which stood at the origins of mobile eSports back in the noughties, would not be the driving force of the current competitive scene.

By the way, we wrote an article about mobile cybersportI recommend that you read it.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

The Kingdom Rush series will never have a problem with not making it into the final tops of the best mobile games by the end of the year. Because the developers have created such a cool product that even if they just do the same thing, but with different maps and different units - they will still be interesting for users. No, well, honestly - Kingdom Rush is looked up to by other developers, and today this game is an example for other Tower defense wannabes. And the developers of Kingdom Rush make interesting Easter eggs, which are hidden in each level of the game - references to books, movies and games will not leave anyone indifferent! Next year, the editorial staff promises to publish a post on these gimmicks - as soon as the whole game is passed, the end of the game is a couple of levels left.

download kigdom rush vengeance for free

Stunning graphics and perfect gameplay - these are the two main components Kingdom Rush Vengeancewhich make the game popular. And, traditionally, our review of it can be found at at.

Battleheart 2

I can't ignore the logical sequel to Battleheart, the first part of which appeared back in 2011. And then the game caused a furor in the world of mobile games - the project was really successful, and the game was a few years ahead of its time. Judge for yourself - Battleheart in 2011 was a full-fledged RPG with several heroes, classes, opportunities to pump characters within a special skill tree, a decent amount of loot and an unusual combat system. In 2014 came Battleheart Legacy, which did not repeat the success of the previous game - the attempt to turn the beloved game into a full-fledged Diablo did not please more players in the world, so the developers decided to just update the sprites, graphics and storyline. And pass it off as. Battleheart 2.

download battleheart 2

Despite the seeming hackwork with which the developers approached the creation of Battleheart 2, it can still be called a success. More classes, items and skills were added to the game, and upon reaching the maximum level an arena opens where you can fight infinitely. Naturally, on Reddit they have already created a corresponding thread where players share their experience and knowledge, as well as useful information on the game and the composition of the team. The best line-up in the current melee is Bard, Shadow Knight, Necromancer and War Priest. This is just a helpful hint for you.

PUBG Mobile

The success of games in the "battle royale" genre in 2018 is something absolutely forbidding, and in their own unique way PUBG and Fortnite have become popular all over the world. And, apparently, Fortnite will soon destroy its competitor completely - it has already become more popular, and every month the gap between the games is growing. But at the same time Fortnite is much more casual, it is played by adults and children (and soccer players, basketball players, and just show business stars in the West), and PUBG is a game for serious cyber athletes. In this respect, PUBG is a little more interesting - there aren't many championships on Fortnite yet, but there have been several tournaments on PUBG Mobile. When Fortnite will have something similar is unknown.

Download pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile - The game is not for wimps, it requires attention, concentration, and the ability to shoot, which on mobile devices is not so good. It is not easy to become a top player - the connection problems are added to the interface, which is not very convenient, and there are difficulties with communication. Nevertheless, the game itself is very interesting, it is generally implemented tolerably to be considered a self-sufficient product. Reaching the rank of "silver" will be easy, then you will have to "travel". In general, fans of shooters and competitive gameplay recommended!

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