Top 5: The best adventure mobile games

The best adventure mobile games to choose was not easy - there are so many for all tastes. But we tried! After weary time-killers and endless runners, sometimes you really want to dive into a quieter and more thoughtful gameplay adventure games.

The best mobile adventure games to choose was not easy - because there are so many of them. But we tried! After boring time-killers and endless runners sometimes very much want to dive into a quieter and more thoughtful gameplay adventure games. They have intrigue, plot and the depth that draws seriously and for a long time - everything you need for the player to spend several evenings with your smartphone or tablet.Since our selection got two games from the developers of Telltale Games, we'll start with them.1. Game of Thronesadventure mobile gamesImmerse yourself in the world of Westeros, where intrigue and tragedy reign, the struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms is underway, and people are constantly dying. Players will have to control the characters belonging to House Forrester, the long-time supporters and standard-bearers of House Stark, follow their fates and make decisions on which a great deal depends. This episodic game is far from finished, but is undeniably interesting.2. Walking Dead: The Game and season two The Game - Season 22We're have already written about this game and it's really cool! Walking Dead is a graphic novel style adventure game. The game has a decision system that affects the development of the story. By reaching the last episode, different players can discover dramatic differences in their stories. The game, like the show, creates interesting interactions between believable, "live" characters, meaning that the gameplay is not reduced to just another elimination of a lot of zombies.3. Machinarium3It doesn't matter how long ago the game appeared - if it deserves to be on the top list, it will be there! The unique visual style of this game is not to be confused with anything else - it resembles a post-industrial apocalypse and looks great. Its graphics are original and the soundtrack is very good. Machinarium will please you with stylish and quite intricate puzzles, each of which is a small masterpiece. Broken Age4Broken Age is a timeless tale of growing up, queasy trees, and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shai Volta are two teenagers who find themselves in remarkably similar situations, but radically different worlds. The player will be able to switch freely between the two stories, helping them sort out their own destinies and upcoming adventures. A distinctive, unlike anything else atmosphere, funny characters and colorful worlds - such a treasure is unlikely to pass by a true fan of quests.5. République5Republique is an unconventional and exciting action game set in a very non-trivial world. This adventure game focuses on stealth elements and the need to survive, hiding in hostile territory. The protagonist, a girl named Hope, is trying to escape from a dictatorial country, and to do so she needs to overcome many obstacles.

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