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Top 5 : the best mobile apps for yoga

If you do not have the opportunity to study with an instructor, but have a great desire to strengthen their physical and spiritual condition, the applications from our "Top 5" will help you a lot!

We have chosen the best mobile applications for yoga and meditation for you from a huge number of programs. If you do not have the opportunity to practice with an instructor, but have a great desire to strengthen your physical and spiritual state, then our most popular and free yoga apps from our "Top 5" will help you a lot!

Yoga apps. TOP5.

1. Yoga.com Studio

yoga.com studio - yoga appsYoga.com Studio features over 300 asanas, each with an HD video lesson explaining how to perform the exercise correctly. All asanas and breathing exercises can be viewed in a 3D muscle work mode, which is important for those who want to know exactly what happens to the body during exercises. There are 45 ready-made programs, it is possible to create a training program based on personal preferences. A great yoga app that you can use anytime, anywhere!

2. Pocket Yoga

pocket yoga - yoga appsThere are over 300 poses available in the app, grouped by level of difficulty into 37 programs. Also, there are 4 special programs for relaxation and meditation. You can keep a log of exercises to track your progress, and display exercises on the Apple TV. There is support for Apple Watch, which means you will be able to monitor your heart rate and the number of calories burned during exercise. An instructor with a pleasant voice will tell you the right rhythm of breaths and exhalations, the intensity of exercises and much more. Pocket Yoga has a lot of options, allowing you to adjust the application to you, to your daily routine and free time.

3. Yoga Studio

yoga studio - yoga appsOne of the most popular yoga apps contains 65 ready-made yoga lessons in HD video. Over 285 asanas are available for all yoga and meditation lovers. The app offers different workout durations - 15, 30, and 60 minutes. You can choose the "level of difficulty" - for beginners, amateurs or advanced, as well as their goal: to improve flexibility, coordination, development of muscle strength or relaxation. Yoga Studio allows you to synchronize your classes with your work at the gym thanks to the calendar and schedule function. Suitable for beginners and experts alike.

4. Yoga Club

Yoga Club - yoga appsA free app that allows you to achieve your goals, just choose the practice you want: anti-cress, energy restoration, healthy and sound sleep, male or female strength, slim body, flexibility, weight loss and much more. You can do both with video and audio accompaniment. Yoga Club - the best app for beginners!

5. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga apps for yogaDaily Yoga is an app that teaches you everything you need to keep your body in shape. With 40 courses and 300 asanas available, the app offers full-screen lessons with voice instructions. You'll also find poses developed by professional yoga instructors. Daily Yoga has great background music.Don't put off practicing your favorite or new sport, start now! You only need to want to, and the practice will always be with you.Eat right, use the best mobile yoga apps we have chosen for you and be healthy and happy!

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