League of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List 2020

A cast list of the best characters from the mobile game LOL Wild Rift

Well, we have waited for the release of Wild Rift for the CIS - the open beta testing starts on December 10, which means that the servers will be flooded with a huge crowd eager to play mobile LoL. Help get oriented and start pulling right now in our Wild Rift tearoom list. And here it is, in fact.

Before we get to the Wild Rift's draw list, I want to talk about the heroes that will be dragging at the beginning. After all, you can't buy them all at once, and you want to drag them all at once. By the way, I should mention that the rating opens only at level 10. Before that I don't recommend to buy anyone: get used to the game, mechanics, look at the heroes, choose your style of play and only then buy the best hero for you. After all, meta is meta, and it's much more comfortable and enjoyable to play the hero you like playing. All in all, the best heroes to start the game, let's go.

The best characters to start in Wild Rift

RIOT Games seems to have promised to give some perks for those who come with their current account, i.e. from League of Legends. But there's nothing yet, so you'll be starting from scratch. But don't worry - you'll get cool characters for reaching a certain number of levels:

  1. Level 1 - Garen (S-tier) and Jinks (A-tier)
  2. Level 2 - Ari (B-tier)
  3. Level 3 - Blitzkrank (S-tier)
  4. Level 4 - Master Yi (A-tier)
  5. Level 5 - Ash (A-tier)
  6. Level 6 - Annie (B-tier)
  7. Level 7 - Vi (B-tier)
  8. Level 8 - Nasus (C-tier)
  9. Level 9 - Deluxe (A-tier)
  10. Level 10 - Jeanne (A-tier)

There are a lot of playable characters on this list that are already at the top of the draw list, which I'll tell you about below. In addition to them, you can easily drag up to a certain point on Master Yi (he's good in the forest and as a "glass cannon", and also perfectly pooches and splits); Vi (great forester, besides her no one else is needed); Nasuse (good topper, which becomes almost unkillable in the league), but is quite difficult to master.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List 2021

League of Legends: Wild Rift teardown and top champions for 2021. Current meta for January 2021, Patch 1.1:

wild rift tier list 2021

First option

wild rift meta 2021

Second option

I will not say that the very many hours played in Wild Rift, but if you score a win rate 65% and above, you can in a week (or even faster) topped up the gold from scratch. The whole difficulty is that before the gold in your team will come across newcomers, trolls and just weak players, so we need as quickly as possible to pass this sandbox and get to normal comptetiv. And that means choosing the right heroes - they need to be able to drag in solo, survive in 5x5 teamfights, be strong in the beginning and leyte, influence the whole game. As you understand, this is a description of imbalanced characters that do not and should not be in the game, so we suggest those who best fit this description.

The main message in Patch 1.1 is that the one who builds through Yomuu is the one who pulls. Below are the best champions right now.

Nashor Line / Baron Line


A relatively new character that appeared in Wild Rift only recently, yet he has always terrorized the topline (since 2014) in League of Legends. He's a lot of damage, a great 1x1, and does a lot of damage in the loot - a real Juggernaut.


Darius' main opponent in the League of Legends universe is also a very powerful solo laner who can stand on the line alone and also deals a lot of damage. However, he's a bit thinner than Darius, but he's easier to control. Take your pick.


Another champion that is the closest to being considered an imbo right now. He has a lot of damage, he's quite tanky (2.5-3k hp in full build), he can decide the outcome of the whole teamfight with one Ulta. Wukong also hurts the squishy targets - it's easy to deal with a gaping Meader or Adk.


An extremely important and extremely responsible role in Wild Rift right now. Our job is to run around the map a lot, roaming, taking our buffs and, preferably, counterjangling the enemy forester. So the forest does a lot of work, and a good forester is worth his weight in gold.

Lee Shin

The best woodsman in the game right now - he injects a lot of damage into a single target, solves 1x1, 2x2 and even 3x3 teamfights. Can steal other people's buffs, "re-smash" objecs (Nashor, Dragon, Herolt), relatively tanky. However, in 5x5 teamfights his effectiveness decreases drastically, because he can't make the maximum impact because of his list of skills, sharpened on single targets. However, a good Nerf is always useful.


A simple and tanky woodsman who knows how to soak up damage - Shivana creates a good frontline and gives a lot of control. During this time you can quite manage to deal damage to the enemy kerries, without dying yourself and get out of the battle. It's mobile, hits hard, and doesn't require much skill to play.

Master Yee

One of the very first characters in Wild Rift, who confidently rips the game to gold. It's easy to play, just press two buttons and he'll do the rest by himself. He's slim and afraid of control, so don't break into a teamfight at the very beginning and give everyone a chance to give out their procasts, then get on your opponents and kill them all in peace.

A cast list of the best characters from the mobile game LOL Wild Rift

An ordinary game on Master Yee, without much "stress"


The second most important role in the game, very dependent on skill. And even if you play well, you can not always make the game, because Wild Rift - this is not dota, here 1x5 can not win.


Probably the easiest mider in the game. And one of the few whose damage is scaled by AP, which means you need to collect items for magical damage rather than physical damage. She can't vanshoot (kill with a prokast), she doesn't have burst damage, but she does inflict a lot of damage. Her job is to poke (shoot from afar) with magics and wait for the right moment to fly out from behind her tanks and kill the target with average HP. Or Ari has to catch her opponents on a "charm" (heart) to initiate a firefight.


Very difficult to implement, but extremely interesting character, who can easily fight 1×2 and 2×3. He can splitpunch, does a lot of damage that only Joan can defend against, and is extremely dangerous in straight hands. Does not lose its relevance in the leyte.


Another assassin variant, but going for magic damage. Also quite tricky, because she has a lot of skillshots, on the hit of which the attacking combinations depend. She always needs to get close to the opponent, so you need to understand timing, at what point to burst in, otherwise you can get a stan and go to the fountain. But she's also a lot of damage, so take a closer look at her.

A cast list of the best characters from the mobile game LOL Wild Rift

The last game for Akali


Here, by the way, the meta has shifted a lot. Now the best shooters are not really shooters, but shooters-casters, they're not just auto-attack-only, and their playstyle takes some getting used to.


I've played a lot of League of Legends games on it, and I can say with certainty that it is very difficult to understand it as a shooter. You only have 4 shots, then you have a long reload time, during which you can easily be caught and killed. But at this point you can cast, and that should not be forgotten. The main task is to do maximal damage to the nearest enemy during those 4 shots, taking into account all spells, and finish it off with the ulta if necessary. By the way, you can steal objecctives with the ulta, and sometimes start teamfights.


She's a bit more suited to the role of an ordinary shooter, but she also has her own peculiarities - you need to cast spells in time and fly up to the enemy. Again, you can't get caught up in staneks, Kai'Sa is too thin and can't afford to do that. Plus she has a slightly different build, which is different from the standard shooter's kit-build, it also takes some getting used to.



Still worthy to be called a great snapper who also serves as a tank. Our job is to correctly hunker down, protect our kerries, and tank. That's pretty much it.


Another good snapper with a lot of HP and mad control. He can cast, toss, chart, and absorb damage, and he can also cast stan. He's also good at damaging damage - try playing as this "bull", he'll make you happy.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List 2020

wild rift tier list

First, you must understand that Wild Rift is quite demanding for the lineup. You can't play with 3 ADCs or 2 woodsmen on equal terms here. It is clear that if the skill of the players of one team will be significantly higher, then this difference will be leveled, but we assume the equal strength of the teams. Further more, do not get the usual ML-typical 1-3-1, here you need to clearly play as the game offers - topper, mider, 2 on the bottom, forester. Already later, in the mid-game, possible rotation depending on how the situation develops, but at the beginning so. What I'm getting at is that we made a Meta Tier List Wild Rift just on the lines of the map where the champions will play:

  • Toplane (top): fighter
  • Forest
  • Mead the Magician
  • Bottom (bottom): Shooter + Sapper (tank)

And now some comments and opinions on the top heroes' teardown list in Wylde Rift right now.

Top Line (Nashor Line, Baron Line, Baron Line, Nashor Line)

The single line is different in that you should be able to fight, farm, impose combat and occasionally help your midair/forester in 2x2 and 3x3 lockdowns, as well as help pick up the Gerolt. It should be a relatively tanky character with a lot of damage that will be good in both solo and team battles.


One of the best toppers right now. He has a somewhat weak line phase, because he plays from the defense. So we stand behind the creeps, gently finish them off and harass the opponent with the first spell. Try not to trade, because your 1x1 potential is somewhat weaker. After the 5th level we can ask the forester to gank, or catch the opponent on mistakes.

the best wild rift characters champions

Your task in a teamfight is to get a good ult, give the third spell, hit the second spell, and pounce on the enemy kerries. Since Malfit is going for defense, he has quite a lot of tankiness, you'll have to collect armor penetration against him, but your skills will shale on the amount of your armor. A good ult is considered hitting at least three people, and one of them should be a corey. Malfit can solve the outcome of the game with one Ultruth, and it's also not very difficult to perform.


A relatively new character in the game, who is the epitome of a tough toper. He's quite tanky, deals a lot of damage, can traverse 1x1 and is a good help to the forester in 2x2 lockdowns. As for him, you need to play aggressively, not to let the opponent to farm, fined for each finished minion. After the 5th level it turns into a killing machine.

Darius Wild Rift

In team battles it's harder because there's no gap-clowes, and you have to run up to the enemy kerries with your legs (or flush). So if it's a foul, hit it, and if it keeps its distance, try to protect your kerries. Another option is to absorb damage if there are no other tanks in your team, but Darius is more about damage than survival.


Another easy-to-play character that you get at the beginning of the game. The gameplay for Garen is about the same as for Darius, except you don't depend on mana. But he's got a weaker utility, and has less trait potential in general, though lately Garens have been favored by the attacking style. So you also impose combat, play aggressively, but don't flirt, because your damage might not be enough in all-in skirmishes.


In general, Jax is more of a woodsman than a topper, but he can do everything on top. The most important thing is to understand the timing of the third spell, which allows you to dodge auto-attacks for a while, and then it gives you stan. It's better to train after 5th level, and before that just try to finish off the creeps.

Jax wylde rift

The goal in a teamfight is to quickly turn off enemy kerries or squishy characters. Unleash the third spell, burst into the enemy on the first spell and start to hammer him with the flashlight, periodically turning on the second spell. The elbow increases your stats, so be sure to turn it on in team scrimmages.

Jungle (Jungle)

The forest has a very important role - probably one of the most important in the game, because you help zasnobolli some line, or accelerate yourself. So be sure to learn map routes and timings - without this you have nothing to do in the forest.


The strongest forester in the game right now. You need to learn how to hit with a bandage, and there already allies will help you - this is your plan to mid and leit-game. After level 5 you will be available to the Ulta - Amumu immobilizes all enemy characters in a certain radius. A good ult is to collect at least 3 champions, but sometimes you can pour all the damage into one, especially if this "one" is already well-tuned.


Very strong, but it is quite difficult to play for her. And your task is to farm the forest and disperse yourself, trying not to give kills to your allies. After 5th level it'll be easier to go on ganks, because Evelynn has a huge burst damage and can take a thin keri for a rent. True, she needs to hit, otherwise it won't work. Recommended for experienced fighters.


Most likely to break into the meta and become another badass woodsman, which is already happening right now. Olaf is a tough Viking who, thanks to the Ulta, becomes immune to control. That means he can pounce on a kerry and not let the enemy go until he bludgeons him with axes. Also, Olaf has good damage, but he doesn't have gap-close, so he has to run up to his enemies. In teamfights his role is simple - get on top of his kerries and beat them up, or help your own kerries and fend off stubborn opponents.

Mid (Midlane)

Second most important line, because a good meader should put 2 wards on both sides of the river at once, not on one side; be able to roam; the role is very dependent on skill. The most difficult characters are usually miders, so mechanically you have to be strong.


Very difficult, but extremely effective in the midrange, because two of her spells are skillshots, which means they fly in a straight line. She knows how to death ult - 3 leaps that deal damage. Great to clean the line, knows how to kill, has a powerful burst damage, good roamer. You need to learn how to throw skillshots in the right direction, often predictively, then her usefulness will increase many times over.

who to buy in wild rift

You have two choices when fighting. First, you break into the enemy's back line and snap out the kerries, then exit the battle. Or you capture the enemy kerries that have gone astray. Second, you stand behind the tanks, try to pick someone off with a charm and cast spheres, leaving the ult either for the burst damage or to get out of the teamfight.


An easy-to-play character who deals tons of damage. Your task is to stand on the line as a midget sapper, to cast the first and third spells, to help with the Ultruth, which hits at a relatively long distance. The gameplay is not varied - your behavior does not change throughout the game; you try to stand behind your allies' backs and keep as far away as possible by casting spells.

ADC (AD Carry)

Not as important a role in the current meta, but a very simple one, which will be fought for by novice players. Because there is no special mechanics here, except for a couple or three characters.


One of the very first characters, and even the face of the game. A good hero who has stan (grenades), deceleration (pistol), accelerates her attack speed, and hurts with her ulta. She doesn't have an escap, but she doesn't need one, because Jinx is more likely to kill the enemy than to die from it. Nevertheless, try not to jump into the thick of the battle and hit the player closest to you. Jinx throws ult all over the map - with the right skill and internal timing you can steal dragons and Nashors.


Another good character, one of the best in League of Legends, just as effective in Wild Rift. They are similar to Jinx, but Ash's viola is more important, because she doesn't finish, but initiates fights. Also, Ash can't use the first spell right away, but after 4 attacks on the enemy, but then she hits quickly and really hurts. The third spell allows you to scan the map and understand if someone is coming to you to gang, what the enemy characters are doing now and if you can punish them for it.

wild rift tier list


The most uninteresting but most important role. I even have an interesting story about it - we asked a friend of ours to learn how to play on sapsports, because we lacked this role in the team. He learned how to play so that he upped the diamond (it's a very cool level) and now gives us advice on how to play and where to go. And he really decides in micro-moments, and sometimes even more useful than the hellcurry.


A great character who can hook like Pudge from Dota or Franco from MLBB. He does a lot of burst damage, can change the course of the game, and if you hook a kerrie in the left-handed game, you can easily end the game.


A cool hero who fits the passive style of play. She has 2 controls at once, the ability to Damage and Heal at the same time, as well as throwing a buff for the kerry to auto-attack. Nami is also a game changer, but she should always keep an eye on her adhering kerry and stay out of the way.

Information is updated with each new patch note, keep an eye on this article.

And finally, a brief review of Wild Rift:

VanderBelka's Meta-Teer List of the Best Characters for Wild Rift for December

His top players are different from ours, but that's okay. The game just came out in Ukraine and CIS and is just gaining momentum. There's still no personal skill, no understanding of the game, although everything is very familiar, for example, from the same ML, but there are always nuances.

Meta draw list for Wild Rift by VanderBell for December

In any case, our main recommendation is this:

  • Do not rush to buy new heroes, run in with those given at the start,
  • Get used to the game, its balance and mechanics,
  • Choose your style, I do not exclude that it will be different than in other MOBAs,
  • play as all the characters, feel the mechanics, maybe so you find your favorite character and he will be in the meta, then you know what to do,
  • Oh yes, and do all the quests at the start, they give new heroes.

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