Is TikTok a youth video social network or something more?

Is TikTok a youth video social network or something more?

TikTok has firmly captured the minds and hands of the younger generation. Is there a reason for this?

The TikTok app has recently become very popular among young people. It is a social network in which you can make short videos, most often music videos, and live broadcasts, communicate, and correspond with other users. It is one of the most downloaded mobile applications. How is it popular?

Download TikTok - recommend it rather to be on the crest of a wave.

Is TikTok a youth video social network or something more?

TicToc came to us from China, although it has a different name there. Douyin. But the creators of this social network decided not to limit themselves to China, and released a copy to the international market. In just a couple of years, it has amassed more than 800 million users. And it continues its victorious march, ahead of Instagram and Snapchat in terms of growth rate. Why? It's easy to use and a bit like the apps many people already know, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, but still different from them (we'll deal with that now). It's also joined by Musical.ly users, which is an audience of about 100 million people. That's why TikTok isn't losing ground and remains one of the most popular apps among teens.

What's in TikTok and how to use it

If you use Instagram or Snapchat, it won't be hard to figure out. But if you don't have it, don't feel bad. We'll figure it out.

Let's start with registration. On the plus side, it's not required. You can watch short videos from the news feed, but you can't customize your preferences or publish your own videos. Signing up isn't hard. You can use another social media account, phone number, or email to do so.

Examples of TikToks

The main place on the screen is occupied by the feed of other users' publications. At the top of the app, there are "Subscriptions" and "Recommendations" tabs that contain videos: the first tab contains posts by users you like, which you set up and select yourself, and the second tab contains the most popular ones.

For communication (likes, reposts, comments) there are buttons on the right side of the screen. For switching between subscriptions, there are buttons at the top of the screen. And the toolbar (home page, search, video creation) are conveniently located at the bottom of the display.

The Notifications tab is very useful. It contains personal messages, your videos, and notes about your activity in the app. Notifications about the start of live broadcasts, various events and trends are also sent there. The Profile page contains information about your subscribers, subscriptions, likes, etc. It also has a personal QR-code for each user. By scanning it, you're instantly directed to the person's TicToc page. So, perhaps, all the peculiarities of the application usage. But how to make a video in it?

In the center of the toolbar there is a button to add a video: you can shoot a new one or load it from the Gallery. Often special effects are used when taking a video. For example, the very first ones are at the bottom of the screen - very slow, slow, normal, fast and very fast. If they don't appear, click on the circle icon with an arrow in the right corner and 0.5, 0.25, 0, x2, x4 will pop up. The speeds here are denoted the other way round: slow, or 0.5 means you will shoot fast, but the result will be slow, or x4 means you will shoot very slow, but the result will be fast in terms of video speed. You can add music by choosing something popular in TickTock.

In the tools, you can pick up additional decorations, such as glasses. During filming, some people switch between cameras or use paired videos. To do this, one part is recorded by one person and the other part by his friend, but after recording. The first person has to shoot the video, click "share" at the save stage, and select the "Duet" button. If you're shooting a normal video, save it as a draft or post it after you're done. You can also set privacy there and share the video to other social networks.

Special effects are often used in video processing. They are located in the panel on the right, in the same place where you can edit music and sound. In special effects you can add a filter and time effects. Use any effects you like: shake, illusion, soul, 70s, and others.

Another cool option is to make a "Reaction," that is, a response to someone else's publication. Sometimes it's hard to come up with something interesting and new yourself, but in this case you don't have to think too hard: you watch a video you like or one you don't like, take your opinion on it, click "Share," choose the "Reaction" button, and that's it. Your subscribers and other users will see your video, which will overlay a small window on the original.

That's what it looks like:


They haven't learned how to insert videos from TickTock yet(

TikTok Trends

In general, in TicToc you can shoot anything, anything around you, anything you know how to do, anything you're just learning. Here you can show off your dancing, makeup, makeup application, fashionable clothes, etc. The app doesn't limit your imagination at all: if you want, make a video about how you brush your teeth, and if you want, do tricks that will surprise your friends.

http://vm.tiktok.com/R338qD/ - and here's Gerard Leto humming in Odessa - The Pearl of Odessa)

But one of the most popular areas of TikTok is cool challenges. This is a genre of videos in which people film a certain task on camera, post it online, and then offer to repeat the same task to another person, either someone in particular, or all of their subscribers and friends. Challenges are quite popular, some people are good at the idea, some not so good at it. It's all fun to watch, which is why this genre is so common.

List of Challenges Popular at TicToc

As a rule, they are tagged with hashtags so that you can find them and view all videos by a given hashtag. They are not everywhere and not everyone tags them, so where we could, we helped you).

  1. Make dimples on your cheeks with your fingers, eyeglass shackles, and other objects. Temporary dimples look pretty cute, although not everyone is able to create them on their face.
  2. Another one of the simple challenges is to turn your phone around in a circle to the music, that is, 360° in 15 seconds. You can do it in different places, connect your friends, and add different special effects for variety.
  3. Change your hair color. In life you will not do it too often, but the application allows you to experiment and change your hair very quickly and "repaint" it in absolutely any color: crimson, green, pink, purple, blue, and whatever you want. The point is that to the music you need a few times to change the original color of your hair. Someone touches the hair with a brush or a felt-tip pen, someone snaps his fingers and the color of the hair changes at the same time - in general, you need your own approach here, too.
  4. Change the color of your eyes. It makes sense - if even your hair can easily change color, so can your eyes. And you don't have to spend money on colored lenses. TicToc has a built-in filter that can change the color of your eyes on video.
  5. Lance Challenge. Remember how in the Ice Age cartoon Sid accidentally got fire, and his relatives mistook him for a god and started copying all his movements? It's the same situation here. The screen is divided into several parts, which repeat the body movements of your figure in the center.
  6. Get the foam with a cotton pad, towel, or rag. You will also need soapy water. The idea is to blow foam through the towel with your mouth. Some people even stain it, but you have to be careful when doing this task to avoid getting the detergent in your mouth, or to avoid getting your apartment dirty.
  7. Apply gloss or lipstick in one vertical band in the middle of your mouth, and then use your lips to distribute the makeup all over your lips neatly without smearing it. It's tricky, but it's interesting.
  8. Fashion Challenge. The point is to change as many looks as possible in 15 seconds to the beat of the music. Before each change, you have to cover the phone screen with your foot. When you remove the foot, you remain in the same position, but dressed very differently. If you have a pile of clothes, and you like to dress fashionably and stylishly, why not try this task again?
  9. # duet - a challange in which someone sets the tone and another repeats it.
  10. # sense of balance - people brag about their sense of balance skills. It's just like the circus.
  11. #-do-and-after - http://vm.tiktok.com/R3p1km/ (you can link to hashtags), clips of before and after, before is usually ugly and after is pretty.
  12. #bottlecupchellenge is a challange that has migrated from other social media sites here. The guys make a video where they unscrew the lid of a bottle, Van Damme-style, from a U-turn.
  13. #imok is a piece of the Little Big team video that everyone is copying. Here it is, taken directly from TikTok:

In this app, it's important to show your imagination and make videos the way you do, and other users will appreciate your talent. In addition, TikTok allows you to learn something new, have a good time, laugh from short funny videos, communicate and find friends. So the app is one of the best social networks for recreation and communication, not only teenagers, but also adults. Download right now and dive into the wonderful world of unusual videos.

How to make a cool video in TikTok

To make a cool viral video in TikTok - you first of all need to make a video and not be afraid to do it. I recommend practicing this on a daily basis. You don't even have to post it on social media, but you just have to fight your own shyness and fear.

What to shoot?

TicToc is a social network that (as it happens, it was hardly intended by the developers) emphasizes your individuality, where you can tell, show the world (ticToceras) who you are and what you are capable of. And here you should be restrained only by your imagination. And if it's really hard to come up with a story - copy it. Take someone else's story and remake it in your own way. Or copy it on 100%. There are even challenges where you have to repeat everything in the smallest detail.

Look at foreign ticktockers, at their skits and their videos, and repeat with our flavor.

And in the process of shooting the video will be born new ideas, already for your unique video.

How to shoot?

TicToc has two modes:

  1. Manual. When you press the button and hold it. As long as you hold it, it is shooting, when you release it, it stops.
  2. Automatic. When you set a timer to start shooting, for example, for 5 seconds, to have time to take the right pose or position. And then the video automatically starts shooting after the timer time has elapsed.

TicToc has its own music that you can insert into your videos. You don't have to pay anything for it, and neither does TickTock itself - they're free.

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