The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Michonne on the Apple Store on February 25

The Walking Dead: Michonne by Telltale is a mini-series consisting of three parts, the first of which - "Too Deep" - will appear in the AppStore on February 25.

The Walking Dead: Michonne from Telltale - a three-part miniseries, the first of which, "Too Deep," will be available in the AppStore on February 25. The second episode, "Give No Shelter", will be released in March, and the miniseries will end with the final episode, "What We Deserve" in April.The Walking DeadA little spin-off zombiquest The Walking Dead is dedicated to the dark-skinned Michonne. This heroine of The Walking Dead series and comics is known for her mastery of the katana and for traveling everywhere with two zombies on chains. She is distinguished by her extraordinary will, developed intuition, caution in dealing with others and the ability to quickly assess the situation. Michonne has lost many loved ones and was forced to leave behind two children, which leaves her with feelings of guilt. In the new Telltale mini-series she will join the crew of the ship "The Companion" and will be drawn into a dangerous adventure in the Monroe Colony. The video shows an impressive first 6 minutes of gameplay.Выход The Walking Dead: Michonne is designed to fuel fans' interest in the third season of The Walking Dead, which is scheduled to launch this fall.

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