The Battle of Polytopia - Conquests for Beginners

The Battle of Polytopia - Conquests for Beginners

Like Citivision, only cooler and for phones

A global release is planned in the near future The Battle of Polytopia in Steam - the mobile game of the same name, apparently, will experience a second birth, and we very much expect that the new influx of players will help to resuscitate an excellent strategy. Because for this kind of titls really hurt - the developers tried their best, but the game did not gain popularity. By the way, just yesterday the game turned 3 years old, with which we congratulate her.

First launch

The Battle of Polytopia is a Civilization-like game, but without the 4X component (you can read here), with great emphasis on combat, conquest, and battle, without any hint of globality. The essence of the game is simple: we develop our settlements, explore the area, capture new villages, improve units and technology, and then fight our enemies until only one remains (or the number of steps allotted for the game runs out). The game has 4 available races, 10 more can be purchased for real money, the game itself is free. This format we like - you can fight for world domination with the existing arsenal, but if you became a fan of the titel, then the purchase of a new race can both diversify the gameplay and support the developers.

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It all starts with a starting village and one unit, which can move in any direction, but only one cell. There is only one resource here - stars, which serve as food, wood and other known to us analogues: with stars we will order units, learn technology, build buildings. The number of stars is limited - there's a certain ceiling above which you can't get resources, but that ceiling moves when we develop our villages. Hence the first conclusion - the more villages (and the higher their level), the more stars we have, and the more actions in one move we can do. Oh, by the way, we can do everything possible within one turn - move units, spend resources, fight. After the end of the turn, our opponent will be able to do the same.

Since the whole map is covered by the fog of war, we have to explore the nearest cells for neutral settlements. We get on it and join our empire the next turn - keep in mind that in this case the cost of technology will be higher, so first swing the technology (what you need), then capture the village. This order saves a couple of stars, the number of which is crucial in the first few turns of the game.

battle of polytopia tactics

Around the villages there is some flora and fauna (which is generated randomly) - we collect fruit or slaughter animals, spend stars on it, but the level of the village increases. Upon reaching the next level we can choose one improvement from the two presented - you should try to choose the boost by the maximum number of stars, but sometimes the right solution is to expand the boundaries of the territory. Usually the village is limited to 9 cells (1 cell for the village itself and 8 cells around it), and useful supplies are outside the boundary.


The game has five technological branches: Hunting, Fishing, Foraging, Riding, and Mountaineering. Each of the available races has only one skill, the rest will have to be learned during the game. Each of the branches gives you the opportunity to later develop technology - to hire different units, build buildings and farms, travel by ship. And at this stage there are significant differences between races - some may be lucky with supplies, and someone will have to spend the cherished stars on unnecessary research. The Oumaji race has no possibility to get food at all, but they have cavalry - these brave guys are able to move 2 squares at a time, which makes the process of exploring the area much easier.


It is worth noting that the game has a single player and multiplayer. With the latter everything is difficult - waiting for opponents long, and play even longer, because everyone thinks for almost 10 minutes, and because of this party can be endless. In single player there are 2 modes - the game in 30 moves and Domination. With the first it's clear - you need to score as many points as possible in 30 moves, Domination is more interesting in this sense, because you can play until there is only one left. You can also choose difficulty level - we recommend the highest, to get the most enjoyment from the game. Well, or a nervous breakdown. So until the game appeared on Steam, we practice in Domination mode.

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So, we have captured several villages and are well developed - it's time to attack your opponents, or choose defensive tactics and defend against enemies. If you find yourself with an opponent on the same island, it's better to crush him in mass, attack from all sides and not let him take new territories. In protracted ship fights it is better not to participate - the battleships have to spend a lot of resources, and they are also quite easily neutralized by catapults. There are a lot of units in the game, each has its pros and cons, but, unfortunately, the game does not provide information about who opposes whom. That's why you have to determine these things by experience.


Each race has its own strengths at the expense of progress in the technology tree. Therefore, someone can use this progress for personal gain.

- Quick cavalry rush

If you're playing on the same island as someone else, a great option is cavalry rush - a particularly successful method used by Oumaji. Its essence is to build cavalry (they, as you remember, move faster on the map) to be able to quickly crush the opponent, especially if he goes into technical development. Usually afterwards, if the opponent suddenly fights back, it's possible to switch to swordsmen (but you need to learn the Forge technology first).

- Contribution to the economy

A great choice if you are on an island and have the ability to invest in technology. Your task is to quickly develop into giants that will help you both fight back and go on the offensive. The key technology is Navigation.

battle of polytopia guide

- Blitzkrieg

Despite its name, you can't call it a lightning attack. In general, you need to evolve to knights, and then start building roads so your units can cover huge distances in a single turn. Since knights themselves are mobile, you'll be able to attack enemies from different directions, and they won't be able to mobilize in the right direction. Admittedly, the strategy itself is difficult to execute - you still have to live up to the knights and roads.

In general, the game is interesting - something like chess, but with more parameters. Recommended!

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Guys, of course everything is clear, but ships are an important component. Even if they are hit by catapults they are still mobile and quickly smash up other people's territories. So ships are better to use.