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Paid and free Instagram apps are the key to the door to popularity for your page, you and your products. Instagram is constantly updating, improving and expanding its features for you. If you are a user of this social network, you will probably find our selection of the best Instagram photo apps, Instagram video apps, Instagram storis apps, Instagram text apps, Instagram feed apps, Instagram design apps useful.

"If you've been presented with a gift, but you haven't posted a picture of it on Instagram, consider that you don't have a gift."

Instagram has become an integral part of many people's lives. There are two explanations for this:

  • People are disconnected from reality.
  • People keep up with the times.

In the first case, everything looks very sad: endless and meaningless posts of food, body parts, embellished reality, items taken out of the context of life.

In the second case, Instagram can be seen as a free storage of photos, an opportunity to observe the lives of relatives and friends who are far away, as a platform for the implementation of their skills to take pictures and for business.

"If you're all dressed up, makeup, and the event did not take place - do not be sad, because there is Instagram.

The number of Instagram users is growing every day, some give in to the fashion trend and just post from nothing to do, while others are added to Instagram and usefully promote their business through this social network. As of the end of 2018, there were more than 1 billion people registered on Instagram. So someone needs it.

The main activity on Instagram is publishing photos. Not so long ago, the ability to post Storis was added, which opened up even more opportunities to promote your page, brand, or product.

"Olezhka, go home! Dinner is about to get cold and will look unappetizing on Instagram.

For your profile to attract subscribers, for your posts to be followed with interest, and for the product or service you're selling to find customers, you need to diversify your posts. There are several good applications you can use to do this.

Instagram photo apps

There are a lot of applications for Instagram for photo processing: some allow you to add original frames and expand the frame, while others allow you to use unusual filters and impose text on the photo.




An application with rich functionality. It pays special attention to editing and correcting portrait photos, which is very important for Instagram bloggers, because a large percentage of photos are selfies.

  • Download and open the app. Select a photo from the gallery.
  • You can use the "Styles" tab to apply filters to your photo.
  • Create and save your own original styles for future use.
  • Apply automatically a certain style with a QR-scanner to the desired photo.
  • Change the default settings: light balance, contrast, and brightness. Modify photos by cropping, cropping, rotating, and adding text.
  • Use the "Mask" function, which enhances or removes any effect of the selected area.
  • Add text by inverting colors, changing the font.
  • Edit portraits: change the lighting of the face, the angle of the head, add a smile, enhance the color of the eyes, and change the size of the pupils. You can hide skin irregularities and blur the background.

Layout from Instagram



If you like the way photos look in collages, this app is sure to become your favorite. Making a collage is a quite popular method of publishing pictures, because several different emotions, places, and people can fit into one picture.

Collages help you see and understand a photo more broadly, and get into more detail. Layout is one of hundreds of apps that provide this feature. What makes it different from all the others is that it is a proprietary product of Instagram. With its help:

  • Create collages using up to 9 photos.
  • Change their orientation on the page, change their size, or just stretch them out.
  • Use the Photo Booth function to take several pictures in a row and create a single photo from them.
  • The Faces feature helps you find photos with people in them.

Apps for Instagram Stories

Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo-s



Hype-Type is an app for stories on Instagram. Make your Stories come alive with this app. The app will not only help you add text to your photos, but also put music on your Instagram photos. Using it is just a couple of trifles.

  • Go to the app. Pull up.
  • Choose the picture you want.
  • Double-click on the center, after the cursor appears, enter the inscription.
  • You can click on the quotation marks and choose an already generated caption-statement to complement the photo.
  • Format the text based on your visual preferences: change the font and layout.
  • In Settings you can set the speed of the text, add music.

Video apps for Instagram

Boomerang from Instagram



This is the original Instagram video app developed by the company itself. It is beloved by users and widely used. Its peculiarity is that at the output you get an unusual product: either a short video, or a gif, or a live photo. The trick is that it will be played back and forth, causing a smile on the face of your followers. The app works very simply.

  • You should press the record button.
  • Wait until 10 frames have been taken.
  • See how the mini video plays back at an accelerated tempo.

8mm Vintage Camera

8mm Vintage Camera


A unique application, a kind of "time machine" capable of stylizing modern video with a retro look shot on film. 8mm Vintage Camera will help creative people to create an interesting product. For example, at one time, a filmmaker used this application to shoot a film and won an Oscar for it.

Swedish director Malik Benjelloul worked on a film about the American musician Sixto Rodriguez called In Search of the Sugar Man. The budget of the film was small, and the cost of shooting soon exceeded it. But the young director didn't give up and finished the picture with the 8mm Vintage Camera app on his iPhone camera. Malick loved the result so much that he even re-shot some scenes from the film. Indeed, the app opens up incredible possibilities.

  • Before you start shooting a video, you can do a preview and see how it will look afterwards.
  • There will be 5 different lenses available to you: spotlight, color and light loss, shimmering frame and clear.
  • You can use "old films" to shoot old-school video.
  • Create an 8 mm projector effect with the random frame movement feature.
  • Immediately while shooting, turn on the shake mode.
  • Switch from front to back camera, expanding your capabilities as a cinematographer.

Instagram feed apps

InShot Video Editor Music, Cut

InShot Video Editor Music, Cut


With a huge number of built-in features, this app is capable of refreshing, diversifying and making your Instagram feed exclusive. It combines a photo and video editor with the ability to add sound effects and voiceover, text and emoji.

The InShot Video Editor Music app is ideal for creating unique Instagram posts. It is versatile and can easily replace several more narrowly focused ones. By downloading it, you'll be able to:

  • Trim a video, shorten it, cut a piece, merge two videos into one, increase the video speed or slow down playback.
  • Creation of photo collages.
  • Using filters for both photos and videos.
  • Add a variety of frames, blur outlines, change the brightness, contrast.
  • Add text and emoticons to videos and photos.
  • Overlay music and voice-over on photos and videos.

Apps for a beautiful Instagram




This app is designed for Instagram design. It is recommended by experienced mobile photographers. It is radically different from hundreds of clone apps for photo processing.

VSCO is a serious photography and editing application with a wide range of features.

  • Take photos directly through the app by adjusting balance, flash, mode, and other settings. Manually select shutter speed and light sensitivity settings.
  • Store and customize the display of your photos in the Library, and add other photos from the Photo Film Library.
  • Edit photos by applying non-standard filters that were re-created by the developers and look little like the standard ones users are used to. Crop, straighten, and experiment with the brightness, sharpness, and contrast of your photos.
  • Buy extra filters from the store, expand your options.
  • Explore the photos taken with this app in Discover. It contains many pictures that catch your eye.
  • Collect the best of your best photos in your Grid feed.
  • Create an entire photo story with meaningful captions in Journal.
  • Save the photos you like in Collection.

Planoly: Planner for Instagram



This app is the perfect assistant for organizing your posts and organizing your Instagram profile. Publishing posts on Instagram is no longer a mindless posting of random photos and meaningless captions, but a painstaking effort to make your page recognizable and memorable, to make it popular and visited. Thanks to apps like Plannoly, this task will be easier for you.

  • Add photos and videos. See what your post will look like before it's published.
  • Work on content in tandem with an assistant.
  • Plan Storis for the day, the week, and the month.
  • Add hashtags and create collections from frequently used ones.
  • Set reminders and get them in time to publish your scheduled post.
  • Maintain multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Post photos automatically if you have a business account.
  • Keep track on the calendar of your planned publications.
  • Upload photos from Google and Dropbox.
  • Get access to the internal analytics service.

You've learned about the best apps for Instagram. Choose the most convenient ones for you, master them and adjust them to your use. After a while, you'll see interest in your page grow. Do it wisely!


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