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Telegram updated to version 4.5: global search, favorites, and channel anchoring

Telegram rolled out update 4.5 today. From what I can see, everything here so far has been done for people and for content development, for convenience and comfort. This time, the updates are pretty substantial: global search, favorites, pinned messages in the channel, and the addition of photo albums.

Fixing messages in the channel

One of the important updates for admins. Now you can anchor the most important things in channels. Previously, this was only available in chats. This tool can be used both for promotional purposes and in the movement through the channel, if you place tags there.

Global Search

Raw and works according to a strange algorithm, but it works. However, it only shows 3 results. It's too bad that search by channel description doesn't work, otherwise we wouldn't even see the bacchanalia of channel names, where now they will add everything they can think of by keywords.

Telegram updated to version 4.5: global search, favorites, and channel anchoring

Previews of images

Previews of all photos on the account are now displayed, we have improved this important part to a convenient view.

Grouping of photos

If you send multiple photos or videos, you can group them into one album. You can also now choose the order in which photos are sent.

Saved messages

Important and useful messages are now easier to save. Before, you had to send messages to yourself. But now there's a quick "Saved messages" option and it's always in first place when you try to forward a message. That's mega convenient!

The new settings menu on iOS and support for iPhone X can also be considered important.

The new version of Telegram is available from Google Play and in App Store.

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