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Telegram channels for travelers

How long have you been traveling? And remember your preparations. How long and painfully you thought up a route, decided what things to take, how to get to the right station, and so on. Or here is another situation - you understand what country to go to, but you do not know how to prepare, what to take with you, how much money, where to stay, what to see. I have prepared a selection: Telegram Channels about travel and for travelers, it is there, without too much water and garbage you will find answers to all your questions about travel. These are author's channels, people lead them with great love and care for their readers.

A selection of Telegram channels about travel

How is the information in Telegram different from the information you read on the Internet? Very simple to explain. When you are looking for information about travel on the Internet, you have to dig through mountains of material to get to the truth, to real tips and tips. With Telegram channels, the situation is somewhat different. The author of the channel values his readers, so each piece of information is verified from several sources by himself. Many tips and hacks are already used by him or his friends.

Telegram channels about travel


And most importantly, if you don't like the channel, you can always unsubscribe. But believe me, I choose channels very carefully. You can rest assured that every single tip, every single travel tip, or every single travel information is carefully prepared.

See what questions you can find answers to in our travel and travelhack channel picks:

  • How to travel almost for free?
  • Where to find cheap airline tickets that usually sell out instantly?
  • How to make a perfect itinerary for a trip?
  • What to take with you on a trip to Europe?
  • How to get a visa without getting off the couch, for free?
  • How do you know a country "to taste" in 3 courses?
  • How do I get cashback (refunds) for my travels, in more than five ways?
  • How to make a trip around the world without overpaying?

Telegram channels about travel

We present you a selection of the most interesting Telegram channels about travel, with which you will quickly pack up and hit the road! And it doesn't matter if you're traveling on your own, in company, with your family, or with the kids.

@trvlhacker - a terrific channel where the author shares workable travel options from 0 rubles. Everything in one place: tickets, promotions, contests, travelhacks.

@trvlkitchen - culinary channel, hosted by a girl traveler who will introduce you to the country in 3 courses.

@trvlcamping - Everything about camping survival: from how-to tips (how to make a fire in the rain) to hiking reports and itineraries.

@trvlblog - бtravel log in which the author writes about places she has been, talks about the wonders of the world that she would like to visit, and also shares news, hot tours and tour flythroughs.

@trip4you - The channel of the popular site trip4you.ru The guys know how to travel cheaply and every day to share travel secrets and budget options to fly to rest.

@movmate - is the author's channel of a young couple of travelers who talk about destinations, routes, new places and interesting facts from different parts of the world. Taking beautiful pictures, they inspire and are happy to share their tips with avid travelers and newcomers.

@travelgramm - A great adventure living in your phone. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the most stunning places on our planet without even leaving home!

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Good choice of channels!




The channel is about what makes travel meaningful: impressions, smells and tastes, a little lyricism and a little savings instead of great deals and package tours.

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What does Uncle Fyodor from Prostokvashino do when he moves to Seattle, USA? Where does he live and work? What prompted him to abandon his past rural life and trade it for the immigrant present? Find out all this on the "Uncle Fedor in America" channel.


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