Telegram Channels for Entrepreneur by Denis Dovgopologo

Telegram Channels for Entrepreneurs by Denis Dovgopologo

There are more and more Telegram channels, but fewer and fewer good ones. And it takes time to determine how good a channel is, which is not always the case. Therefore, we are guided by those who have already created a list of interesting channels for leisurely reading, in which useful content appears with varying degrees of frequency. Here is a list of telegram channels for entrepreneurs. The list was compiled by Denis Dovgopoly - an IT entrepreneur and consultant who provides consulting services for startups and investors.

Telegram channels for entrepreneurs

A reminder of Denis Dovgopologo's channel: https://telegram.me/ddlinks - was conceived as Curated Content, with links to important content that the Vision generates. I occasionally reread it myself.

The recommended list for 12/24/16.

Source: FB Denis Dovgopologo

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