Interesting and informative Telegram channels to broaden your horizons

Interesting and informative Telegram channels to broaden your horizons

 Everyone remembers and knows about the myth that "people use only 10% of the brain's potential. In life, when we find it so difficult to find free time and our brain just boils from the problems surrounding us, sometimes, nevertheless, we want to switch and learn something new, exciting and interesting. In this very spare minute, we always have at hand our phone, and in it installed messenger Telegram. So let's try to look at Telegram channels that will help develop our intelligence and horizons, even if you only have 5 free minutes. Let's go!
Interesting and informative Telegram channels to broaden your horizons

Telegram channels about interesting and informative things

@todaytil - no fictitious facts or stories here: every day I come across some interesting texts on the English-language Internet and share them with you

@lektorium - informative lectures in Russian. Mostly links to Youtube, where you can find various lectures by famous and unknown people, as well as masters of their craft.

@ispravil - if you want to write russian correctly, then come here. Daily analysis of interesting moments and cases from the Russian language with a breakdown of how and why.

@sciencegram - popular science pop: from cosmos to sociology. The author of the channel not only finds interesting things, but also translates informative articles from various English-language resources.

@just_space - And this is for those interested in space. Here you can find interesting facts about space, publish pictures, including those from satellites, as well as news related to this topic.

@boxmagazine - For photo history buffs. Rare historical black and white photos with description and date of photo.

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Horror Book Scary Stories

Hi. A one-of-a-kind channel with audio scares and the scariest people's stories appeared in the tеlеgrаm 《The Horror Book | Scary Stories 》.
Myths and legends, ghosts and horror stories, bedtime horror stories.
Come and see http://t.me/book666

Jon Jones

Cool Channel https://t.me/design9000
All about design and "near-designer" topics.

joni comm

@WorldWarToday - The war is on today.... - World War III News Channel https://t.me/worldwartoday News, facts, military events happening on the planet. Get only verified information