TED Talks: opportunities for self-education

If you do not have money for additional courses, but you want to become richer, more educated and smarter, you should pay attention to the popular application TED Talkswhich is freely available for all Android and iPhone smartphones. Then you can listen to conferences, speeches and presentations from leading experts in the field: marketing, trade, art, medicine, technology, advertising every day. The total number of videos for training is 2000, it is in Russian, English, French with the function of including subtitles.

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Features of the TED Talks app

The TED Talks app has a lot of features for every category of people of all ages and tastes. Particularly worth highlighting:

  • the ability to select lectures in 100 languages;
  • listening to the TED Radio Hour station from the same developer;
  • the ability to download and save your favorite videos, lectures;
  • setting bookmarks on recent entries;
  • creating a playlist;
  • synchronization with your TV, computer or projector;

The app is free to download, but you need an Internet connection and a storage card on your gadget to listen to or watch the lectures. Using TED Talks is easy because all the videos are categorized by time and popularity, and there is a personal profile and backup storage.

TED Talks

Best TED Talks

Interestingly, the app has a personal foundation that not only holds conferences, but also chooses the best ones for the listeners. So the first talk featured a Macintosh, a disc from Sony, and an innovative theory about artificial intelligence. Since more than 2,000 speeches have accumulated in recent years, the foundation conducted a tally according to the number of views, popularity and requests, identifying the most interesting lectures:

  • Ken Robinson's talk on the impact of schools on children's creativity;
  • study and conclusions about changes in Jill Boyt Taylor's brain after suffering a stroke;
  • SixthSense's future prospects;
  • Tony Robbins' philosophical reasoning about our actions and why we do the things we do;
  • Sineka's explanation of the influence of leaders on the further actions of the crowd, the subordinates;
  • Jobs' speech on how to live before you die;
  • Brené Brown talks about what a person is most vulnerable in;
  • lectures on the influence of material things on further productivity from Pink;
  • a lesson in metamagic from Arthur Benjamin;
  • Gilbert Elizabeth's reasoning about the demon of genius that exists apart from each individual;
  • Dan Gilbert's synthesis of happiness;
  • a discussion of the global problems of the universe with Stephen Hawking;
  • multitouch demonstration with Khan;
  • Kate Beery from a lecture on the magic of the brain;
  • a demonstration of robot birds by Vijay Koeman;

Such a list is far from complete, because inside the app you can find a lot of useful information about art or psychology, advertising, you can be inspired and start making history. Perhaps your video or performance will also end up in TED Talks afterwards.

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