Tacticool - mobile online shooter 5 on 5

Tacticool - mobile online shooter 5 on 5

You haven't played this kind of "shooter" yet

A couple of weeks ago there was a global release of Tacticool for iOS is a mobile online shooter with 5 on 5 battles, the developers of which were definitely inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can download Tacticool from the App Store: the game is free, has a number of built-in in-game purchases, and, most interestingly, has already earned a rating of 4.6 (more than 1.5K ratings in the Russian App Store). By the way, if you like these kinds of titles, we recommend reading with our selection of CS:GO clones for iOS.

Tacticool: first launch

According to the leading gaming publications, Tacticool is a mobile shooter "just the way it should be". We can't disagree with their opinion - it's really an original "two-stick" title with dynamic gameplay, a lot of weapons and a good number of maps (with cars available on them). All this is designed in a pseudo-realistic style - it seems that characters, cars, maps and weapons are drawn from real objects, but every element is hyperbolized. This approach can be called a win-win in any case - the game seems to be fun, but you can't take it lightly.

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The lobby in Tacticool is as simple as possible, but intuitive - we have the opportunity to choose and purchase different types of weapons (these are the traditional machine guns, machine guns, rifles) and characters (they differ from each other by rarity and the amount of health). Weapons can be pumped - so their characteristics increase, which in battle are not very noticeable, to be honest. But you can buy them not only for the usual coins, but also for in-game currency (the equivalent of real money) - in that case, in addition to the standard rates of damage, number of rounds and rate of fire, the weapon will be endowed with unique abilities such as slowing down or through shots. Such a rifle, as you understand, will be much more noticeable and effective in a firefight.

Characters (they are called "operatives" here) also have, in addition to health indicators and improved characteristics such as decreased bullet dispersion or rate of fire. In terms of pulling money in the game is all right: it does not force to donate, if you want you can win without any "gimmicks", but if you want - buy credits and open super-cool guns. And by the way, there is a system of chests, which are given at certain intervals - open them and earn coins.

Gameplay in Tacticool

We have already mentioned that Tacticool is a two-stick shooter, so the control here is traditional, although on the right side, besides the area responsible for turning the character, there are buttons for reloading, grenade throwing, switching between weapons and jumping forward (flipping forward). Sometimes there is also an action button here in the lower right corner - when you need to get into a car or behind a machine gun. The left joystick, which is responsible for moving, is floating by default, which is not very convenient - under it there is a "squat" button, and sometimes you can "misstep" - instead of moving away the character will sit down and get killed.

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The developers made the third-person view mode, but we look a little bit from above, which complicates the perception of the game. It is impossible to aim independently - there is a sight in front of the player, on which you have to "put" the enemy, the shooting is automatic. If necessary, the sight can independently follow the moving target, but you must keep the correct distance, otherwise the shooting will stop. Also the sight shows the approximate dispersion of bullets - you will be surprised, but it is here, and quite large, so you can't shoot normally with your favorite AK-47.

The first few minutes we are offered to play "bag grab" - in the middle of the map there is a bag of money, which you need to keep until the end of the round, or to score 100 frags. The 5x5 battles take place in deathmatch mode with a 5-second respawn, so the dynamics in the battles are very high. The game has friendly fire - you can crush your teammate with a car, blow up with a grenade or "mow down" with a machine gun. By the way, it is a very good move - you can find your car and crush your opponent, and even better if your ally sits in the open trunk and starts firing at your enemy. You will have to get used to this "timeplay", but it pays off.

In addition to dynamic gameplay you can also change your own combat strategy - after death you can choose one of several available sets of weapons, which you have to set up beforehand. So you can play the role of a tank with a shotgun, a sniper or an ordinary machine gunner - the higher your level and rank, the more responsible tactics you need to approach. But at first you can just take some P50 and shoot everyone in a row, the good thing is that most of the players are bots that you can practice on.

tacticool shooter 5 on 5

Tacticool game tips

Reload more often

A lot of shots are fired, so as soon as there is a short pause in the battle - reload, it will be very frustrating if the enemy is short of a couple of shots. And don't forget to switch to the gun if you do run out of ammo.

Take the car

This will help you kill more enemies and not lose too much health. Of course, it recovers over time, but this way your game session will be much longer than if you run around with a weapon in hand.

Upgrade your character and buy powerful weapons ASAP

Without it there is no way - the better your characteristics, the better your chances of winning.

Don't forget the grenades

Yes, they are really useful-you just have to learn how to throw them. Even if you damage one enemy, it's better than if you don't use it.

Be on the lookout

Enemies are everywhere - look around, because the enemy could be around every corner.

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