Superman is a new hero in the Arena of Valor MOBA

Superman is a new hero in the Arena of Valor MOBA

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Superman is a new hero in the Arena of Valor MOBA

Information about the hero Superman

Class - warrior/tank

Role - mobility, initiator

Survivability - at the level of 80%, on the account of the abilities can escape

Damage - average

Skill damage - 60%

Difficulty - difficult

The hero's skills and abilities

Passive skill

Flight mode

Superman can be in two forms: liquid and gaseous :), a joke, he can walk and fly. Can fly as soon as energy bars are restored to 100%, flying mode increases movement speed by 20%, and normal attacks deal extra damage equal to 12% of health points. This form can only be knocked down by a controlled attack.

Active Skills

Ice Breath

Superman attacks with icy breath (!!!?? seriously, icy?), dealing physical damage and slowing the enemy for 1 second. It's not a ranged attack, alas. In flight mode it attacks harder + adds damage from lasers, so attack wisely.

Man of Steel

Like the Joker, the second skill is our save. It removes all controls and increases movement speed. If you use Man of Steel in Fly Mode, Superman hits the ground with his hands, it throws enemies away, removes control and adds movement speed.

Excellence (Bourne?)

Superman absorbs the power of the sun, boosting the energy charging speed of 100% for 10 seconds. This mind can only be used during the day, it doesn't work at night. I checked. There is no sun. If you activate it in flight mode, then on top of all the skill also throws enemies. All in all, a kind of ability to keep energy at 100% = flight mode = increased damage.

Tactics and tips for playing Superman

  1. Superman's main job is to maintain an energy bar somewhere around 100%
    How? The answer is simple - move all the time. I have to admit, on a cell phone it's quite difficult to do this.
  2. If the energy is 100%, but it is increased movement, increased damage, skills activate more tasty plushies.
  3. Critical for us mages, as there is no defense against magic damage at all.
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